RDP Wednesday: Embellish


An embellishment to our life style: no not the azalea in the pot but the nice shiny new ash tray at the front. When I was younger, at the age of sixteen, I began to smoke. In those days it was not so dangerous and you felt grown up. Mum and dad smoked, grandad smoked, and most of the kids at school were making their first steps. Mum was not actually happy that I started to smoke, did everything to discourage me, but to no avail. At the age of around 50 they had both stopped smoking, mainly for financial reasons.

The years passed on, I was still a smoker until No. 1 son was a bump in my body. I stopped smoking for a year, during the pregnancy and afterwards in the milking time, but afterwards it all started again, until No. 2 bump appeared. I again stopped for a year and then I began again, the story of my life.  One day I decided enough was enough. It was not a cheap pastime and to be quite honest my health did suffer a little.

However there are those that have smoked a long while. When I met Mr.Swiss he was a smoker as I was, but he did not have any pregnancies to change his mind now and again.  He celebrated his eightieth birthday at the end of October, and yes, he is still smoking. Who am I to say no, nobody is perfect. We all have our little annoyances, but being a non-smoker for now more than 20 years I must admit it annoys me a little. He never smokes in the apartment, only near the window in the kitchen in Winter,  in Summer outside. Today I decided if he does not want to stop, then it could be a little better organised. The embellishments are two new shiny ashtrays where the remains are sunk below: one for outside and one for indoors. Up to now there were various tins used, but from today there is a new system. Wish me luck. Mr. Swiss agrees with it. Stop smoking? Who am I to tell an 80 year old person to stop, but there is a silver lining to the smoky cloud, he has reduced the consumption considerably.

And I have no understanding for the adamant non smokers with their super clean lungs and their remarks. They are not always as perfect as they think they are.

RDP Wednesday: Embellish

7 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Embellish

  1. The problem for non-smokers – yes, I am one – was that MY mother still smoked when she was having me and then my brother (11 1/2 years later), only stopping in 1974. So while she made the choice to smoke, we had no say in the matter and had to breath her smoke too – as well as our uncles, aunties and neighbours.. So our lungs probably aren’t as clean as we would wish them to be.

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    • I did not really want to start a discussion about the pros and cons of smoking. I had my smoking days behind me when I was 50 year old I am still surprised to realise that I don’t even feel like smoking today, and am not missing anything, although the two weeks after I stopped were not easy. My lungs would be my smallest problem today, having MS, but times have changed. Smoking is now forbidden in public transport, here in Switzerland also in restaurants and it is no longer so “in” as it was in my younger days. Mum and dad both went through the war and then I think everyone was smoking. The bombs were dropping everywhere in the blitz or on the field. I remember my grandad who had smoked all through his life until he passed away at the age of 85. He would never had a thought about not smoking, it was his way of life. Otherwise my kids don’t smoke.

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  2. I can’t remember when I last saw a new ashtray for sale anywhere. I never had any desire to start. I think I was put off as a child. My aunt and uncle both smoked and being trapped in a car with them both smoking made me decide that if other people’s smoke smelled that bad there was no way I was going to do it.

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  3. I stopped to see the azalea and got this unpleasant topic instead.
    I have no problem with other people smoking tobacco. I really like the aroma of it. However, people who smoke it are always so polite to refrain if asked to do so.
    I find marijuana smoke to be EXTREMELY objectionable. Those who smoke are very confrontational when asked not to. It is supposed to make people mellow, not mean. The entitlement of those who smoke marijuana make me dislike it even more. I don’t really care if they use it, but I don’t want to know about it. I certainly do not share any of my medication with others.

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    • I smoked for many years but stopped more than 20 years ago. We have an agreement that smoking is outside and in Winter by the open window.. Marijuana is still illegal in Switzerland and more something on the exotic side. The whole smoking thing is a very expensive pastime

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      • I was not aware that it was illegal there. I sort of agree that it should be legal here, which it is. I really believe that people should be able to make their own decisions about such matters. However, people should also respect those who choose to have nothing to do with it. There should not be laws about it. People should just use their own common sense.


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