Good Morning


When I rose this morning it was quite dull with a few grey clouds. As I was doing the morning clear up I notice the sun had arrived. In expectance of something good on the horizon I ventured outside, with my long winter coat over the nightdress, and what did I see? Yes, another wonderful sun rise with a few scattering clouds. It is mornings like this that make it all worthwhile to stop hugging the bed.

I removed the dried laundry from the stand, which had dried overnight and folded it. Then I moved on to No. 1 son’s  bed and made it. My cat had used his tray during the night so I emptied it. This time is was a little more difficult as I had to fill it with some new litter and it was a new bag containing 10 liters. I managed to lift it without having an accident. In the meanwhile I noticed that Tabby the cat was still having a sleep on the settee and did not notice all the work I was doing on her  behalf.

Eventually I was ready for the kitchen: placed my computer on the table and made something to eat, although first of all I had to prepare the bird canteens outside. Everything was empty again and so I filled it all for them. Even the special hanging piece of coconut with its seed and fat filling was pecked empty.


I thought this would happen today as the poor starving bird had to actually sit inside the shell to scrap out the remains. In the meanwhile a colleague made the most of the hanging seeds.

And now there is a new bird at the feeder. Not really so new, For some time I noticed a sparrow similar bird, but it had a small strip of yellow on the wing. Mr. Swiss had a look and said it was a “Grünling” which was another word I had never heard. Had he said “Grünfink” which would have been more to the German vocabulary, I would have realised that it is a green finch.


And here it is, complete with its yellow stripe and greenish feathers. It was busy munching on the bird house and seemed to have it all to itself. Mr. Swiss said they do not tolerate other birds so well, and the other birds tend to hold a distance with them. Their beaks are a little stronger than the others and when they feed they want no audience it seems.


I made the most of the photo session with this new arrival.

Otherwise it was a day at home yesterday although today I will have to go places, mainly the supermarket, to stock up on food. I have quite a heavy list today. Cola is down to one bottle and my fizzy mineral water is also on a low level. I also have a few things to tidy up down in the cellar. I am still on my clearing out mode, but am making progress. I have now realised in my golden oldie years how much unnecessary ballast you collect through life.

And now to move on. Time goes so quickly when you are having fun, especially at the computer. I hope you can all take it easy in between, have a good day.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. So I guess the birds do not move south from Switzerland to Italy or somewhere in the winter? We do not see so much color at our bird feeders here in eastern USA once the weather turns this cold. Maybe a few cardinals and blue jays, but no finches, particularly not bright green ones. …. Have a good day … SLP …

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  2. I told you. Put out the food and the birds will come. Those little yellow birds with the striped wings look like a European version of the American Goldfinch. Or one of those yellow warblers I can never identify! Great birding!

    We ran out of food today. Fortunately, the seeds showed up in the afternoon and I swear every bird in the woods came by to eat supper. It gets pretty wild out there.

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    • It’s definitely a green finch according to Mr. Swiss. He still says it’s too early to feed them, but the birds are another opinion. Ingest the food at the store in 5 kg. bags, fill up the feeder in the morning and it’s gone by the afternoon, although they peck around until late afternoon. They always seem to find something.


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