Good Morning


Better late than never. This morning my cleaning lady is here and my routine is a little different. And when I saw this sun rise I just had to take a few photos. Even the moon is reflected in the top right hand corner as it was on its way to the other side of the world. Now I am awake and ready to go, although today I have no intentions of going anywhere. I have become a little lazy lately and prefer to take it easy at home.


The only interesting photos I have at the moment are from my ornithological visitors, the birds. They seem to be quite happy feeding from my bird house or the ground with their menu. I also noticed they are getting quite round.


The crows and magpies are always the first to arrive in the morning for breakfast and usually disappear with the bread that I put out for them from the dried ends of the loaf. The magpies are quite careful when the crow is around. He gets the first pickings of course, being a head and shoulders taller than the others.

Yesterday was again a shopping day and Mr. Swiss came with me as he had to get his eye glasses repaired. Luckily he had two pairs made when he got the new ones. They did a temporary repair job on the frames and a new frame has been ordered which should arrive by tomorrow. Whilst I was on my food buying quest for survival, Mr. Swiss stocked up on his various treats that he like to have in the kitchen, not necessarily for survival. It was a dismal rainy day and we were both glad when we arrived back home. My No. 2 son is keeping me nicely informed regarding the new arrival in the family of my grandaughter. She is doing well.

And that’s that for now. I must see what the day holds for me. Lunch is cooking, and even if I am doing it myself, I must say it does smell quite good: chopped beef with veg and  saffron rice.


And now to continue with daily life. Enjoy the day

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

    • But now the work is done and I just have to serve dinner and the rest of the day is my choice. It is colder here, but the sun is shining. I even just saw a bee flying around outside. Yes, the climates are changing and the poor insects are a bit confused I think. Have a good one


  1. Today for the FIRST TIME, my cleaning lady is here, too. Which is good. This is one of those mornings where I got out of bed and fell over. I need a few minutes to find my center and line up the vertebrae It is VERY cold and wet, so there were no beautiful sunrises either. I’ve been cleaning all week because I couldn’t let her see how awful the dust was, so that’s probably why back is out. It’s never exactly “in”, but it was worse today.

    Winter is coming too early. I am not ready.

    Is the Magpie with the blue patch just another kind of Magpie?

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    • Good luck with the cleanig lady. It’s a funny thing with them. You get into the routine eventually, but I also like to have everything tidy and clean when she arrives. Silly really, that is why she is coming. Sorry about your back, I know the problem with Mr. Swiss He also has great problems with the back bone. We only get a good sunrise if the sun actually decides to appear in the morning. My problem with getting up is getting a giddy feeling in my head and I have to keep my head in the right possition. Winter is not quite here yet, although there is snow in the slps.
      All our magpies have the blue patch on the wings I think the older they get the more blue they have.


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