Good Morning


This is not this morning’s sky, but yesterday afternoon when we actually had clouds and a little bit of sun. This morning we are back to the grey lid over the area.

I happened to have a few wakeful minutes around 3.00 a.m. and decided to have a look on my iPad. Suddenly I got a message from No. 2 son, with photo, showing my  granddaughter, Klara Catharina  that arrived at 03.11 am.  Mr. Swiss was sleeping next to me so I woke him to tell him the good news. Two more photos followed. Everything went well and I am now for the second time grandmother. What a wonderful start to the day. Son No. 2 is staying at the hospital with his wife until she is ready to come home and his other son is staying with a neighbour in the meanwhile. Everything is so well organised. When I had my two boys there was no question about rooming in at the hospital for Mr. Swiss. You had your visiting times and that was that, although visiting times in Switzerland have always been quite flexible and you are always allowed in unless it happens to be a doctor visit.


Otherwise life goes on as usual, although not quite I suppose. I continued clearing up the garden yesterday and it is almost done now for the Winter. I also continued with my cupboard organisation and have yet another 60 liter bag full of shoes to throw away. It is always good to buy something new, but one day they are no longer new and I realised that I have not worn these shoes for at least 10 years. I no longer go for walks, and what is the point of wearing smart shoes when you have walking difficulties and need support from a walker, or a wheelchair. Anyhow the shoes are now sorted and the next step will be the many clothes that I no longer wear. The problem is it all take space away in the cupboards which I could use for something more suitable. I think I just need some chores to keep myself occupied.

Mr. Swiss picked up his two new pairs of glasses last week and yesterday one broke at the part where the holder is attached to the frame, not really broken, but got dislodged. He has his second pair thank goodness,, so this afternoon he will be acompanying me to the store where the opticians are. Our store always notifies me of its special offers for this week by message, the problem being that the offers only begin on Tuesday and that it not a shopping day for me. It is most annoying as there are a few things I would need today. However, I have done some replanning and will pick them up on Wednesday.

And now to continue with the normal daily routine. The next disruption will be on Thursday morning with a visit to the dentist with Mr. Swiss. It means again changing the bed linen on Wednesday instead of Thursday. I am really becoming a person of routine. I suppose I should be more flexible.


So have a good week everyone

19 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Congratulations on the now two week old grand daughter! What a pretty name. My #1 sister’s middle name is Katherine (with a ‘K’). Of course, my favorite place in the entire Universe is the Santa Clara Valley (with a ‘C’).

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