RDP Sunday: Comprise


Different countries have different systems for their recycling disposal. We have neat little metal containers with a hole in the middle for the various glass bottles, and it is not just glass. It might be brown, clear or green and for each sort there is a different receptacle. There are also these metal containers for your own metal. This is the one in our village. We actually have two organised places, but I can drive here comfortably and No. 1 son does the necessary and disposes of our waste to be recycled. It looks very simple, but I was once in town when these objects were being emptied.

It looks like it must be done quite often as the they are not so big.  And then I saw this.

Emptying the garbage containers 06.09 (3)

I heard the noise of a large lorry, it motor churning away and then I saw what was hidden in the ground. The actual metal receiver is quite small at the top, but below in the depths there is an enormous container where the glass goes. It needs a lorry to carry it all away. The crane clicks into the top part and pulls. It lifts the top receiving part and the complete unit is pulled out of the ground. Who would have thought that this simple disposal unit comprises such an enormous receiving area. At least it is all glass that can be recycled and not plastic.

RDP Sunday: Comprise

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