FOWC with Fandango: Tout

I mentioned to an online colleague today that I often have problems with our one word prompts, mainly because I have forgotten words or had no knowledge of many modern expressions in the english language. I often have to look up the words in the German language. I have been in Switzerland for 50 years and speak Swiss German daily, although naturally you never forget your mother tongue, mine being english (cockney). Of course I can still speak english, and write it, but with age and distance it does not get easier. And the word “tout” was for me French, although I remember it from the ticket touts especially at the British  Soccer Cup Final in London, when they were stand outside the stadion to make their profits on their tickets being sold for twice the price.

Garbage collection 26.08.2018

We give it away here twice a year. Mark it in your calandar. You need something, then just take a walk in the area or perhaps drive through in a truck. Anything unwanted is on the edge of the road waiting to be collected by the special garbage collection. You are certain to find something you might need. Here someone is disposing of a garden grill, a table and kitchen equipment. This is the metal collection.

Feldbrunnen estate 13.08 (1)

The day after it is time for the unwanted furniture. Here someone has an ironing board to dispose of or a chair. Touting is for the those that collect and want to sell for a profit. Our twice a year disposal is free.

FOWC with Fandango: Tout

3 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Tout

  1. We had that regularly in France. But no more. Now you have to call a number where nobody ever takes the call and then you have to list all individual items you want to get rid of. If you forget one, ie I didn’t mention the batteries, they leave the stuff at the street – AND you’ll have to wait for them to give you a DATE – if you’re not there, tough luck!!!!! I much prefer the Swiss system. BTW; I’ve got TWO English wicker armchairs – you need any?! They are in the (Swiss) cellar waiting for a moment to be collected. But we are never here when those dates are given….

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