Good Morning


I have changed the position of my chair at the table in the kitchen, just for the morning blog. I get a more direct view of the birds in the garden. This photo is with my telephone, as I can upload it direct. I also take some with my Nikon DSLR but I upload them later in the day. I really have a ringside seat on the bird movement. The sparrows always arrive first to reap the fresh benefits of the bird seeds.


I had to chuckle at this one from yesterday. It was one of the lucky shots where Mr. Crow was deciding to leave and was doing some wing flaps to prepare for take off. Even his feet were leaving the ground.

Yesterday morning went well and I had plenty of time. The afternoon was a little complicated, we managed it. I left for my week-end shopping and Mr. Swiss was getting ready to go to the dentist on his own. He got a bit stressed and eventually called for a taxi instead of taking the local train. I was glad as it was a lot safer. He did not need the walker and only his stick. Oh the problems of us golden oldies.

Again one of those bodily healthy people managed to snap away the last free parking place for the handicapped at the store and I was left with the space reserved for the store, although I no longer care. It is only for deliveries and no-one delivers on Friday afternoon. The guy that took the space said he would be right back and had to pick up something. I shook my head in annoyance. When I had finished parking he again arrived with his empty box with his wife. He said he was now going and I told him I was not interested, he had no business to be there. His embarrassed wife muttered an apology and I told her that is no help for me I still have to walk the whole distance, being in the last space,  to get into the store. Do people really think that an apology is enough when you walk with a stick carrying your bags to get to the trolleys and hope you do not fall on the way?

And so I proceeded with the shopping and was really glad to get it done. Mr. Swiss slipped some tablets onto the shopping list which I only saw in the store, another annoyance. I had enough to do and after the shopping had to do a small detour to the chemist, which is on the same area, but again took time. I picked up his tablets and was at last on my way to fetch him up from the dentist. I gave a call at the dentist by phone when I arrived to ask if he was finished. He was and so they told him I had arrived. A few minutes later he arrived at the car and we were off home: mission completed.

Now it is week-end and no more complicated tasks to fulfil. I am hoping for a nice calm week-end at home. the next dentist appointment will be on Thursday morning so I have a more or less normal week ahead of me.


The only photos I seem to have at the moment is bird life at home. I saw that the store were having a 20% reduction special offer on bird food yesterday so got myself a 5 Kg bag, Now we have enough to cover a week or more, although less is more appropriate  at the rate they are eating.

At last it seems to have stopped raining, although it is still grey and damp outside. I have no plans for today, but perhaps might make a short excursion into town this afternoon depending on how I feel. In the meanwhile stay safe and well and will see you later.


13 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Ooooh I like the one in silhouette … very nice … you have a really good set up now with your view into the garden. So much texture and variety in the garden with those structures you built. We are moving in the next 2-3 years and I am thinking we will take the paving stones we have in the back yard now and take them with us and build something like you have with the elevated beds, that would suit us nicely. I am thinking about it. I need to hire some young hands to help me move them all since I am “over the hill”,… we will have to see … Have a great weekend … SLP ….

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    • I did not intend the silhouette, but afterwards found it quite good. I had thevraised beds made by the gardener. We are both no longer Spring chickens and it makes it easier to handle the garden. Enjoy the Weekend


  2. It is almost bedtime and I am just getting around to reading your ‘Good Morning’ post. The photo of Mr Crow is wonderful, Pat. He looks like he is going to click his heels in mid-air before he flies off! 😀 Oh, people who park where they should not……such a source of aggravation. Why do they do that?!

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    • It’s 4 in the morning here and I am on my iPad – in bed 😃 sometimes I get a lucky photo. People think because they only parking for a few minutes, there is no problem, but in those few selfish minutes they are occupying a parking space for a handicapped person


  3. The birds here eat a LOT of seed. Like at least 10 to 12 pounds a weeks and if I gave them more, they’d eat it all. I have to control myself. I buy the stuff in 20 pound sacks — the good stuff! — and with the help of the always starving squirrels, it literally disappears in front of my lens. And some of my birdies are becoming big fatties!

    I hate people who take handicapped spots. There are never enough spots anyway and it’s just such a selfish thing to do,

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    • It seems you can never feed the birds enough. They used to empty the feeder in a day and now they do it in half a day. I never realised how much I depended on those special parking places. i just cannot walk so well now


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