Good Morning


It is raining again, a steady drip, so no glorious sunrise this morning. It seems to be taking a day off. My hostas have now begun to droop. I have already removed some that were laying flat on the ground. Just a tug and they were put in the bin. When this patch is cleared, there will only be some dead leaves to collect and then I can forget the garden outside for the Winter.

I will have enough to do with my plants indoors, feeding them with light and love and now and again some water.


I had a new visitor yesterday in the garden. I had to be so careful not to scare it away and took the photo through the window, barely daring to move. I had no idea what it was, but Mr. Swiss to the rescue. He informed it was an “Eichelhäher” and naturally I was none the wiser with this new German word. Had never heard of it and could hardly twist my tongue around it. I naturally had to have a look in Internet and discovered it was an Eurasien Jay, so now I also have a jay. My friend Marilyn (Serendipity) over the pond is also observing her garden daily with the bird population and brings photos daily. She has many different birds including  Blue Jays and now I have also discovered my jays, although not such a pretty blue as hers. I must say I envy Mr. Swiss with his knowledge of the Swiss bird population.

I have newly arranged my seating position in the kitchen and now sit at the side of the table which gives me a much better view of what is going on outside in the bird world. The birds do not get startled when I move to take my camera and stay where they are. Also the view is much better.


The blue tits have now discovered the bird feeder I am glad to say. Last year I saw only one of them and this year it is a whole tribe.


There are always sparrows and they seem to be the cleaners of the feeding operations, removing the seeds that have fallen to the ground.

Of course life is not only birds and I do have other things to do, but yesterday was a good day. There were no appointments, nothing particular to clean, but not being able to just sit around and read a book or relax I ventured into our hobby room as I had begun some time ago to dispose of a lot of stuff I really no longer needed. I have a complete clothes cupboard full of items I have not worn for at least ten years so now is the time to fill up the plastic bags for the rubbish collection. I started with the shoes. Why does a person collect at least 10 pairs of sneakers, all good quality: adidas, puma, etc. You can only wear one pair at a time and my days of long walks are long gone. Either I have a walker for support, a supermarket trolley or for longer excursions, my wheelchair and I also have my own car. And so I filled a  bag with shoes and deposited them in the container. There are still some shoes to go, but mainly summer shoes. I have not even begun with the clothes. I am now a golden oldie and realise what a lot of stuff I have collected through life that I just do not need. I can use the space left for something much more useful. However I have kept the strong hiking shoes we used to use on our Bernese Overland holidays for climbing around. They are expensive and you never know, although the only place I do any climbing is when I climb into bed in the evening.

Today is week-end shopping day again, time flies. This afternoon Mr. Swiss has a dental appointment and I just cannot take him in the car in the middle of the afternoon when I should be at the store. However he said he will be able to manage on his own. He can take his walker and the train and walk through our town to the dentist. It is not that I doubt it, but I told him to take a taxi if he does not feel like it. It would not cost the earth and would be safer. I cannot do more than tell him and I hope it all goes well. I will be able to pick him up again afterwards. And now I really must get a move on.

Have a good Friday everyone, enjoy and if you are bored you can always talk to your computer.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I told you! You get a REAL feeder and suddenly, with seeds they like, you suddenly discover there are a LOT more birds around than you thought. EVEN in your little town. If they hear about some good meals, they’ll come and eat. Sometimes, you can’t get them to leave.

    When I was in Israel, I had to get a Middle Eastern bird book in English because the Israel names didn’t mean anything to me. I think we grow up filing the meaning of things in our native language and even when we know the name in another language, it doesn’t “hook” into the information we know. So I had to look EVERYTHING up unless I recognized it.

    Israel is the land bridge between Africa, where many Asian and Euorpean birds migrate in the winter, and their warm weather home. Raptors — eagles, hawks, kits, vultures, falcons, etc. — can’t fly at night. They need a special wind to lift them up. They can’t fly long distanances without help from the wind. So they all cross over Israel in April, usually the second week (Garry’s birthday week) and for one week, there are then of thousands of raptors everywhere you look. If that doesn’t get you interested in birds, nothing will. Every wire, fence post, building ledge has a hawk or a falcon or an eagle on it. Then, one day, they all move on. The Audubon Socieity does their annual count of raptors in Eilat (it’s on the ed of the Indian Ocean where it meets the Mediterranean and what delicisous beaches!) . As many as 2 million raptors have been counted,. That was 40 years ago. I don’t know how much things have canged,. I hope not much. So many birds have vanished.

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    • I have had this bird feeder for at least 5 years and each year I get a different selection. Last year I hardly saw a tit and this year they are competing with the sparrows. I have also had visits from lesser spotted woodpeckers over the years and yesterday got my first jay. They usually prefer the safety of the tall tress in the woods but now and again they pay us a visit.


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