RDP Thursday: Deep

Skull found

The trouble is that if you dig down very deep, you might find a few things that you did not expect. this is not my photo, but was in the local newspaper when the were digging the foundations for the extension of our estate. Can you see it.

And here is a close up of what they found.


That is the sort of surprise you might get if you decide to build where there used to be the gallows. Luckily our building was already standing and they found no human remains. This is the block next to ours.

RDP Thursday: Deep

10 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Deep

    • I don’t think anyone actually knew the gallows used to be here. It was only after the skeletons were found that investigations were made to see why they were there. And they really dug deep until they appeared. I can imagine there are many places where such remains are buried undergound. A war left many such relics behind and there were enough battlefields in Europe. They even found the remains of King Richard III under a car park in England.


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