One Word Sunday: Famous

Kaisergruft - Kaiser Franz Joseph

I am afraid my meetings with the famous are almost non-existent. I only ever meet them at their final resting places. However on a visit to Vienna we visited the Kaisergruft (emperor crypt) containg the previous rulers of Austria (and Hungary). This is the tomb of Kaiser Franz Joseph, that marked the end of the K and K dynasty. He is surrounded by his children that also met an untimely death, but Franz Joseph left his mark on Europe. He was the guy with the long sideboards as was the custom in those days.

Vienna is the place for visiting the departed and has the largest cemetery in Europe. I spent many happy hours taking photos there.

One Word Sunday: Famous

7 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Famous

  1. When I studied German literature at the university of Munich a group of fellow students went to Vienna and wrote a thesis about German poets being buried there. They freely admitted that they really only picked this topic so that they had an excuse to go to Vienna. Nevertheless, they managed an A+. 😀

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