RDP Thursday: The Secret Door

Town Wall Marrakesh

“But how do I get into the city.”

“No problem, through the door of course.”

“I don’t see a door.”

“It’s over there.”

“I see only a brick wall.”

“That is because you do not want to see the door.”

“Of course I want to see it, I want to enter through the door.”

“But you know it is a secret door.”

“It seems to be so secret that nobody can see it.”

“Of course we see it. There are the people that have just left the city through the door.”

“But I did not actually see them leaving the city, they are just standing here.”

“Take my hand and I will lead you through the door.”

“But there is just a wall. No wait you are passing through the wall and so am I. At last I am in the city, but no, there is another wall. Where are you. I cannot hear you.”

“Are you searching for the door?”

“Yes can you help me.”

“Sorry, but I am also searching for the door, like most of us.”

“But there are many of you, and you are all searching for the door?”

“They say the door is so secret that only the chosen few find it.”

“And who are they?”

“Those that find the door.”

RDP Thursday: The Secret Door

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