RDP Wednesday: Glean


This afternoon I managed to glean the last free parking space for my car in the handicapped zone. Slowly I am losing my control. This is not an official space, but a space reserved for supermarket deliveries – see door in front of my car. The advantage is I have to walk past all the other 6 parked cars and can take note of who actually has a permit for these special parking lots. Today there were only 2 with permission, the others were renegades. And so for the second time this week I gleaned this forbidden parking space. And imagine the problem I had to avoid the metal pole next to my car. Otherwise I found I parked it quite well, yes I am making improvements. At the beginning of my newly discovered driving talents, I could not park in a straight line: now no problem. I am really getting good at this newly discovered driving talent.

Maize harvesting 21.08 (1)

Actually I wanted to show our gleaning farmers harvesting the crops in the field across the road. Here they seem to be cutting the corn, although it is food corn for the animals and not the sweet corn to put on the cob, but gleaning parking spaces are also quite interesting. I actually though the harvest season was over, but I still see various machines ploughing through the fields.

RDP Wednesday: Glean

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