RDP Monday: Mend

myjobRepairing light
Something somewhere is always being repaired
Although today you replace it and the effort can be spared
Your sight is no longer good, the optician is very wise
He replaces your sight with a pair of very new eyes
Just a little operation, it does not even hurt
Afterwards an eye test just to keep your sight alert
And then your tooth leaves the gums, it is no longer there
The dentist can replace it, so do not have a care
A new tooth will be made, no need for any worry
Although the fitting process does not happen in a hurry
It will be bored and scraped, might even be some drilling
But when the job is finished there is no need for filling
Although I have a problem, my body is at the wain
It cannot be repaired and I would need a new brain
Problems come with age and my words are quite laconic
There is only one solution, I must become bionic

RDP Monday: Mend

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