RDP Friday: Accountable


This evening Mr. Swiss and I completed a joint effort and I must say it could only have happened with co-operation.  I had some potatoes and too many cervelat (Swiss sausage) and so it was decided to make a potato salad with a cervelat salad. Potato salad is not something I enjoy making because it is a lot of messing about, takes time and the result is dodgy to say the least.  Mr. Swiss has been talking about a fine potato salad for some time so I struck a deal. He makes the cervelat salad and I will look to the potato salad.

I already searched for a good recipe in the morning, knowing it would need planning. You have to cook the potatoes in their skins, and at the risk of having third degree burns on your fingers, they have to be peeled whilst still hot. I must admit Mr. Swiss did manage to peel 3-4 potatoes and I did the rest (10-11 potatoes). So guess who had burnt fingers. Whilst I continued peeling the potatoes Mr. Swiss began the cervelat salad, although he said he cannot make a good salad sauce, so I fixed that as well in between.

When the potatoes were naked, without peel, I had to pour hot vegetable bouillon over them and leave them to soak to 20 minutes.  In the meanwhile I cleaned the kitchen floor which had potato skins everywhere. Mr. Swiss progressed with his cervelat salad, mixing in small tomatoes, radishes, pickled cucumber pieces and hard boiled sliced eggs.

We did it, and only had one or two differences of opinions.


And here you can see the result. Not exactly master chef. Mr. Swiss being the expert responsible for Swiss food tastes, tried the potato salad and found yes, it could be accepted. It was a first for me after ten years, but I must say even I found it edible. I even got some suggested mustard with mustard seeds in it and sliced some  shallot onions   into the sauce. The cervelat salad was fine. Who am I to criticise a Swiss guy that makes one.

After the food fight, the kitchen floor was again cleaned and I spent at least five minutes tidying the kitchen surfaces. We sat down to our evening meal. Mr. Swiss found it would be far too much. Eventually we were finished and there was nothing left. Of course No. 1 son helped to finish it all off.

Needless to say it wil probably be another 10 years until I attempt a potato salad again.


RDP Friday: Accountable

14 thoughts on “RDP Friday: Accountable

    • That’s what I was thinking, but have none. I had a fondue fork which I stuck into the potato and managed to peel it with a small cutting knife. actually as the potatoes got a little cooler the job became easier.


  1. I like potato salad but I avoid making it for the same reason. Peeling hot potatoes. I think i have seen a recipe where you leave the skins on but that might not be to everyone’s taste. Sometimes it’s easier although not cheaper to buy it from the supermarket ready-made.

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    • The recipe I had was to peel them hot. Otherwise if they are the small potatoes I often eat them with the skins on. I naturally peel the larger potatoes before cooking.


      • I now know why I was taught not eat the skins as they would named as in
        ill. The farmers were using pesticides and they couldn’t clean it completely off. This was in the 1930/50. I love in the Idaho potato area. There are not as many potato farms as when I was a child.☕🍰👵

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  2. Salads sound easy, but I just made both baba Ganoujh AND hummus and I’m still tired. Unlike “regular” meals, you don’t get a break while things are cooking. You’re on your feet for hours and by the time I’m done, by legs are so swollen, even my socks feel too tight!

    I make a very good potato salad, but I don’t peel the potatoes first. I scrub them, but I don’t peel them. I also make my own mayonnaise, so if I had to peel all those potatoes, I’d collapse halfway through.

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    • I was a cook for two years at a children’s daily care place, cooking for 50 kids and 12 adults daily and I always made my own mayonnaise. I generally peel potatoes unless they are the small ones that I can fry with the skins on.
      I know what you mea n by the constant stress with some meals and yesterday was one of those moments. It is one of the reasons I very rarely make potato salad. My life has taken a new path since Mr. Swiss needs more care and I have a lot less time for my own little hobbies. I began a book a couple of months ago but have had no time to read further. My timetable no longer allows for it. I am hanging onto my blogging here. I nee it, but really have less and less time for it.


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