FOWC with Fandago: Total


This is a very modern electric clock and is mounted on the wall in our dental practice. I had delivered Mr. Swiss for treatment and had to wait a few minutes, so I could follow the time. The clock is now telling me it is “viertu vor drü” (quarter to three): quite clear of course it is written, but of course in Swiss German, not even plain normal german, but the dialect we speak in Switzerland. Actually it is quite a unique clock, and I have never seen one in Swiss German before.

Why a clock? This is because my total of daily hours no longer adds up. If I could rise in the morning and carry on my daily plan and do what I want to do, it would be fine. Yesterday I wanted to go for a trip to town with my camera. Forget it, I had to reprogramme as Mr. Swiss had a dental emergency. He survived, but it stole my afternoon free time, and so I added a shopping trip to my programme, how silly can you get.

It goes further, I am booked out already in November for almost two weeks. More dental appointments, a doctor’s appointment  and who knows what else will crop up. Today I spent the afternoon shopping for the week-end and I am now determined to shape my week-end for I, me and myself. Of course, only if there are no more emergencies. The problem at the moment is that I have to be in two places at once with his timetable and am still working it out.

Of course Mr. Swiss comes first with his problems, as I would also come first if I also had a problem, but my mobility is just a little more than his. If only the day had 24 hours plus one or two more. I would then perhaps be able to fit it all in.

I love writing my blog, it is my escape perhaps from my routined world, I love challenges, but……. yes, time is slipping through my fingers. And now to move on, after all it is now “halbi nüni am abig” (half past eight in the evening).

FOWC with Fandago: Total

2 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandago: Total

  1. I just bought a travel clock that promised to be so easy ANYONE can use it. And it IS that easy. I can’t believe I needed to buy a new alarm clock. What’s wrong with this picture? Remember how we used to be retired? Can we do it again, only this time, ACTUALLY retire?

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    • I live with my timer on my mobile phone. It means I don’t have to constantly remember. It rings to remind me for the next item to do. I set it daily for the dish washer, for my MS injections every second day and for my cooking plan. Forgetfulness and stolen time is a golden oldie problem.
      Retirement brings a whole new list of duties with it.


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