RDP Thursday: A Flower Cried

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Is this from the sublime to the ridiculous? I do not think so. All flowers have their moments were we “ooh” and “aah” but even they are not immortal. These two orchids were bought in the same week, some time in April I think and they kept their flowers until two weeks ago. The pink one on the left went first. First the flowers wilt and then they drop off.A few days later the white one, on the right, was showing the same symptoms. Did I cry? No. Did the flowers cry, not at all, they stayed in their pots and went a little yellow in the stalks.


I cut the dead parts away and did not even hear a scream, the flowers were dead as a doornail. If they were human perhaps we would have gone into mourning, but they are flowers and we have the hope that they will return again with a new flower stalk. Perhaps not, but I can always buy a new one. My flowers do not cry. but they might get a little wet if I spray them or put them out in the rain – Such is the life of a flower. In the meanwhile I bought two new orchids to give these time to recover and return.

RDP Thursday: A Flower Cried

8 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: A Flower Cried

  1. I probably would have left those green stalks on until they turn brown. After the flowers are gone, another stem can emerge from a bud in the axil of where a flower was. That is partly how mine continued to bloom for a few years.

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