Good Morning


Nothing special in the sky this morning, just hovering clouds forming a lid over everything. A slug has discovered my morning food table for the birds. Yesterday and today he was munching away at the various assortment of bird food, at least I think he was. You never see their over 600 hundred teeth. I think they are somewhere on the under carriage and where they lay they absorb and digest. Anyhow it was a short lived pleasure as I lifted him/her away from the table and threw him/her into a further corner of the meadow.


Yesterday was at last my visit to the dentist. I very much regretted not going for more than a year, but I just could not fit in a check up and had to postpone two appointments with the dental hygienist. Now that I had a quarry on a tooth I at last saw my dentist. She is really a lovely person and we parted with a second appointment in December.  She did a cosmetic on the tooth for the time being  but a second visit will be necessary to remove my original amalgam filling and complete the job. I still have three of them from the dark ages of dentistry and gradually they will be removed. Luckily I don’t have any problem with an inflamed nerve, so I can wait. She mentioned that as you get older the teeth get a little more resistant and harder. Naturally I took a few photos while I was there and found this arrangement quite amusing to encourage the kids to like your dentist. Actually I am quite happy with my dental situation although I have quite a rigorous procedure daily to make sure I can keep them.

I again had an advanced lesson on driving yesterday, parking in the underground car park. I always go to the bottom third level. It is nice and spacious, plenty of room and usually find two spaces together which simplify my parking process. I have discovered that since driving regularly again (now almost a year) parking is my weakest spot. I always seem to have a problem to park in a straight line. Anyhow I have accustomed myself to writing the park place number on my smart phone, to make sure I find my car again.

I think today is the first day for a long while that I have no important appointments. Just a shopping tour and deposit Mr. Swiss at the opticians for his eye test, which also happens to be in the shopping centre. Whilst I am shopping he can have his eyes tested.

Whilst I am writing I have received a message from my No. 2 son who happens to be on a business conference in Athens at the moment. They seem to have an old building up on a hill there which would really need a little repair work.

And here we have it again in the evening, I think it is known as the Acropolis, taken from the hotel terrace. Oh to be young again and be able to travel. I have never been to Greece. I even sometimes miss my annual trips to London when my dad was still here.

And now to move on and back in the world of cows, cheese and other Swiss symbols. I am a little later this morning, but it was so comfortable hugging my bed and a golden oldie does not really have to go anywhere, except for the dentist, the doctor and the store.

Have a good day everyone, will be back later with some more news and views on life.


My gross tit is still exploring the possibilities of pecking seeds out of a prepared coconut shell.

9 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Wow! Acropolis! and that’s a beautiful bird! I’ve been shooing squirrels all day. Today there were two squirrels on each feeder.

    Is it cold there yet? It was almost warm today, but it gets pretty cold at night.

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    • Although my son said he unfortunately will not have very much time for sightseeing. We don’t have a big choice of birds, but I am glad that the tits are back. They like something to hang onto when eating. It is still quite warm here and I am not yet wearing my padded jacjpjet


  2. Europe seems to be so crowded. There is so much everywhere. I had to look up the distance between Solothurn and and Athens, and found it to be about the same as between San Jose and Oklahoma City. The difference is that there is not much between here and Oklahoma City. Through Europe, there is so much of everything in such a distance.

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      • Well, yes. They are famous for that. It is not like that in most places here. Cimarron County at the western third of the Oklahoma panhandle has only about 2000 residents; and there are many counties in America that are even less populous and less densely populated. Some of the least populated area in America is in San Bernardino County, which is also the biggest county in America. It is adjacent to Los Angeles County, which is the most populous.

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