RDP Tuesday: Butter

Breakfast 06.05.2019

Butter on bread under the jam
Spread it thick, also with some ham
Some like it salty, others prefer it plain
It makes no difference, will not soften the brain
Put it in the pan, frying the meat
Even in the vegetables it really is a treat
Spread it on a pancake, it melts, is delicious
Mix with spices on the steak, but not too vicious
Half a kilo in a cake mixed with sugar and flour
it melts in your mouth and fills you with power
Butter in everything, in this and that
There is one little problem, it tends to make you fat

RDP Tuesday: Butter

2 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Butter

    • Even Swiss butter now has various qualities, but it is all good. It is also very expensive compared to other countries, but I get the cheaper sort and notice no difference in taste. I am a butter cook, fry with it, put it on bread and also in veg.

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