Good Morning

mek. The autumn-trees-and-leaves-20.10-44

Another Autumn morning in the wilds of Switzerland. Not really so wild, everything civilised and taking its normal course. The Autumn leaves are falling accompanied by the crashing and banging noises they tend to make if you happen to have sensitive hearing.

My cleaning lady is hard at work   and the kitchen is now free, so I could begin to cook lunch.


I have also completed my contribution and polished up the windows. They are not really dirty, so just a wipe over with a good cloth.

We recovered from the 80th birthday celebrations for Mr. Swiss yesterday. Once again I would like to thank everyone that included him in their messages here. He received many messages and telephone calls from his friends and family. We spent a quiet evening at home. As you get older life catches up on you and celebrations for golden oldie birthdays tend to be quiet and relaxing.

Two ladies from the local village authorities called in to bring official good wishes and it was a very pleasant visit. We have been living here for 20 years and now they know who we are, although I was a member of the local first aid group for many years.

I did yesterday’s shopping safari in the morning to have a clear afternoon at home. Monday is the day when the supermarket prepares for the week ahead and I noticed that many empty racks were being organised. I saw that they were all decorated with Christmas subjects, so it looks like at the end of October, that the Christmas festivities are already beginning. Sometimes I think it would be a good idea to have halloween, just to slow it all down a bit.


They are also now re-organising the electronics department of the store and it will be closed for a month until the new department opens. Naturally this means changes and many new items will be delivered and the infrastructure altered. When I arrived at my usual park place for the handicapped two of the places were already occupied by large lorries. I managed to find one place free at the end of the row. When I entered the store I had business to attend to at the cash point customer service, and then I made my complaint. Luckily the lady who is in charge of such logistic arrangements was there, and I said if that carries on the disabled will have no access to their parking spaces because of the structural changes. She agreed and immediately went to the department being altered and told them this is not the idea. She returned and confirmed that no more trucks will be park on our spaces. Once again Mrs. Angloswiss won a battle. I really cannot walk across a complete parking lot to reach the store from my car.

I have another afternoon of stress today with my scheduled dentist appointment and am hoping it will not steal too much time.

Otherwise life goes on as usual. The cleaning lady is putting the finishing touches to the bathroom and progressed to the shower. It is really nice to have someone you can rely on. I did my own thing all my life, and now it is time to sit back and relax where possible.


The sparrows are still visiting daily. I notice they seem to be putting on weight.

And so have a good day, make the most of it, and be happy if possible.


7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Hi I been reading your post but I can only have the time to say hello. As usual you make me smile reading your post.. shopping safari indeed? 🙂 Regards to Mr. Swiss!

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  2. Maples sure are pretty. I probably mentioned that a cultivar of the same Norway maple used to be a somewhat popular street tree in San Jose a long time ago. It is one of the maples that happens to do well with minimal chill. Silver maple does well too, but is not such a well rated tree. Even though I am a Californian, I am very fond of maples (but not Japanese maples).

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