Good Morning


Since I rose this morning about 7.35 it has only rained once: a continuation of the rain that began some time yesterday evening. The weather men did promise us a wet week-end and up to now their promise is being realised. I did venture out into the downpour to spread a little food for the birds. Actually I was going to leave it, thinking that the birds probably are not interested in a breakfast in the rain, but as I was sitting here I heard them all twittering in the trees opposite and so I had to do something about my guilty conscience. I ventured out and walked through the pouring rain to get some seed from the garden cupboard, which luckily is sheltered. The rest of the path was open, but they say rain makes you beautiful, although whether it actually is a reality I am not so sure. Anhow one sparrow decided to have a look and I even saw a crow.


I took a few magpie photos lately, but had to bin them all as they were quite blurred. Yesterday I was lucky, and at last did not have a wishy washy flash of blue, black and white as it decided to dine at the table.


My photos are from yesterday as I have to upload them from my DSLR Nikon camera, but this morning the magpie has already paid a visit to see if there are any more freebies available.


The sparrows were also quite lively yesterday and one even did an action flight for me.


Mr. Crow was also here having a look to see what was on offer and even my little blue tit arrived again. He is the only one I have seen up to now but I am hoping that they will return again. Last year I did not see them very often.


At the moment there is standing room only for the sparrows and quite a crowd have arrived. The continuous rain does not seem to bother them.

Yesterday I ventured to the store for my week-end shopping safari.  I also had to make a detour to the neighbouring chemists to pick up some medicine for Mr. Swiss. On my way to the store I drove past a car accident. I did write a little about it yesterday on a blog but was unable to take photos as I was driving the car and the police were taking control of the passing traffic. Anyhow it is now in our local online newspaper.: Car crashes into Hairdresser saloon window. The link shows it all, but unfortunately all in German. There is an english translation available, but not so detail with video of removing the car, and the english is not exactly english. It seems that the driver had to be transported to hospital on a stretcher in an ambulance and the passenger got a neck brace (or whatever they are called). As I drove past it was really a shock. Luckily the accident had happened about an hour before. A few minutes afterwards they had to block the traffic (even stop the local train) to remove the car from the window. You can see how that was done on the film. Luckily I avoided any inconvenience and when I drove home all I saw was the lady in the hairdressers clearing away the rubble. She was very lucky as she was working when it happened and the car avoided her and her customer.

And now for a nice quiet unexciting day. My weeks have enough excitement lately with unplanned excursions. Monday is the big Mr. Swiss 80th birthday with visit from the local authorities to congratulate him. We have not planned anything big, our golden oldie years do not need more excitement than we already have.

I was hoping for a wheelie this afternoon on the quest for Autumn and its trees, but if the rain continues, I will watch it all from the window.

And now time to go, I have other things to do. Breakfast is finished and the day begins. May your day be a good one, with no unnecessary excitement. See you around later.


A paper bag from the local supermarket wishing everyone a good appetite from Autumn.

8 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Our rain and wind finally ended and the weather is cold, but at least not raining! I’m trying to avoid politics for the moment. It’s too crazy. So much is going on, I don’t remember at lunch what happened at breakfast!

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    • We were told it would rain all weekend, but it stopped yesterday, although will probably be back tomorrow. It was quite interesting yesterday in the British parliament, but now goes further. Nothing was solved yesterday.


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