FOWC with Fandango: Copacetic

Things were not so copacetic for Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the Brits, today in parliament. The ayes to the right seemed to win and the no’s to the left were in the minimum.  His Brexit agreement with the EU failed to be accepted and it has all been postponed to another date, but before 31st October of course.

I have been watching, on and off, the debate in the Houses of Parliament on my iPad since lunchtime. I have been living in Switzerland for the past 50 years, but British Politics can get quite exciting. I love hearing those guys in parliament with their “hear, hear” calls in agreement, and their groans when something is not in order.

Whether I am pro BoJo (Boris Johnson) or not, is not the main objective for me. My political views and ideas are mine, but you just have to love those characters. It is better than the Simpsons or the Flintstones and a real situation comedy. It seems the opposition (labour party – socialists) were all wearing red ties today and the others on the right wing  a bit of a mixture, but mainly blue. There must be a hidden meaning there.

Ok I do have a thing for BoJo and also for the speaker, John Bercow.


He does a great job and it is a shame that he will be resigning from his job this year. Life in the British Parliament is full of surprises.

This was fun and I just love listening to those politicians. And yes, I would have agreed to a yes to Boris Johnson’s ideas. It is about time that the Brits know what they want to do and in which direction they are going.

When the debate was finished, the parliament quickly emptied. It was time for Saturday evening dinner.


FOWC with Fandango: Copacetic

8 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Copacetic

  1. Parliament hasn’t voted on the deal yet, but they have voted on an amendment that requires Boris to write a letter to the EU to ask for an extension to the Brexit process IF this deal is not accepted by parliament, it’s a way of avoiding a No Deal. The vote on the deal will not take place until the letter to the EU has been sent.

    Brexit has dragged on, and for good reasons, reasons that most people fail to understand.
    We cannot crash out of Europe without a good deal; it would be devastating to Northern Ireland and also to the peace process, to businesses and the NHS.

    Not one trade union agrees with the new deal, and that speaks volumes.

    David Cameron and the Conservative government should never have given the people the vote in the first place, most did not understand what was at stake, and they still don’t. For the record I have always voted Conservative.

    When the British people took part in the original referendum, they voted on false information and lies that had been churned out by Boris and Co and Nigel Farage.

    Boris cannot be trusted, but whatever happens in the weeks ahead we cannot leave without a decent deal, and I’m not certain that this deal is good enough, that said, I have a feeling it will probably be passed!

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    • Thanks for the enlightenment from the British side. I grew up in East London, so we were all labour party (with a few communists involved). I have not lived in England for 50 years so follow it all from afar. I don’t think I have ever met an honest politician up to now. It was never actually planned, as far as I know, that a country would leave the EU, so it seems to be a learning process on both sides. You are right in saying that there should never have been a referendum. People do not really understand what it is all about. and I find a lot of prejudice again the Europeans on the line “they don’t like us and we do not like them” (especially as far as the French as concerned). Let us hope that the right decision will be made eventually.

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      • It’s a mess! A lot of older people
        in England of my age want to go back to how it was before we joined the EU and they don’t like foreigners! We can’t go back, we should be thinking of the youngsters, they want freedom to travel and live and work in Europe and mix with other cultures, it’s their world now not ours. Thank you for your reply 🙂

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        • Thanks for your comments. They very much express my feelings. I think when Ted Heath (I think itvwas him) decided to go European everyone saw cheap wine and I had a few friends and relations that were making channel trips to France to keep their stocks. When it all became EU that all stopped and amongst other things, they saw that plugs, switches and even the beloved heavy power vacuum cleaners were all changing. The youngsters seres to get it, but for the golden oldies (I am also one) it was too much. I live in Switzerland for the past 50 years and we never joined the Eu. We just live in the middle, so arrange ourselves.

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