RDP Friday: Broken

Baselstrasse 11.07 (1)

Today I went to the store for the week-end shopping. On the way I drive pass this restaurant and the two large windows next to it. The third window belongs to a hairdresser, but the window is now longer.

As I drove along the road I saw signs with “Police” written on it and even saw a couple of the uniformed members wandering around. I so regretted that I could not take a photo whilst I was driving, it would have been a perfect photo of broken. I have no idea how it happened, but a car was half way into the completely smashed window on the right. There were pieces of glass everywhere on the road and pavement, luckily not the part where I was driving. Of course the car was also quite damaged. As I could not stop to examine the details I unfortunately had to drive on

When I did the return journey the car was no longer there, and the half broken window had been completely removed. There was a lady clearing away the articles that were behind the window. What a wonderful opportunity that would have been for a photo, although I could not help thinking that someone now had a ruined week-end. As there was no sign of ambulance etc. I am hoping that there were no injuries.

RDP Friday: Broken

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