Good Morning

reonahoafor hal atsunrise-17.10-4

How is this for a morning sunrise? It is actually from yesterday, but today’s is exactly the same and as I wasn’t here in the morning yesterday I did not want to withhold it. As I was not sitting at the breakfast table yesterday and blogging I took the photo with my Nikon camera which gets better closeup details than my mobile. Here you can clearly see the outline of the alps at the bottom of the picture. I was off with Mr. Swiss yesterday morning for his final eye test to get the perscription for his new glasses, although he will have to have another test at the opticians when getting the glasses just for a closer check.

I was glad to put all these special excursions behind me yesterday and at last we seemed to have had a clear calendar, that was until I finished lunch and manage to break off a piece of tooth whilst eating a lamb chop. I hate these inconveniences. It was a tooth that once had the nerve removed and it is for me more a cosmetic treatment I hope afterwards, but there again I have to go to the dentist and have it done. I now have a date for Tuesday afternoon so I will be glad to get it behind me.


Amongst my feathered visitors yesterday morning, a new bird arrived. A great tit put in an appearance. I used to get quite a few when I still had my lawn, but last year only one or two. I think it suited her to eat the food from ground level amongst the other birds and it was really a surprise when I uploaded the photo.


I also managed to capture a couple of sparrows in the air as they were preparing to land on the breakfast table.


Mr. Crow also dropped in to give a caw here and there. He seems to be the boss and all the others fly away when he arrives, probably to give him space for his food.

I noticed yesterday that the Brits, or at least Boris Johnson, has reached an agreement for their Brexit. Now Boris is No. 1 man and everyone finds he is not such a bad guy after all, although the British parliament also have to like him. If they do not approve the agreement then it would be back to square one with the discussions. However it seems that Boris and his Euopean colleague Jean-Claude are now the best of friends.

Since being more left alone in the evening, due to Mr. Swiss earlier bedtime, I am getting all the British news from the BBC TV station.

Today is again week-end shopping time. It seems only yesterday I was doing last week’s plan of what to buy and cook.  On Monday Mr. Swiss will be celebrating his eightieth birthday. Yesterday the lady at the local village government phoned to say she would like to call past on Monday afternoon to congratulate him personally. It seems to be the custom in our village and a very nice gesture. Otherwise we have nothing big planned, although I will be going shopping in the morning on Monday instead of the afternoon for a change. 80th birthdays only really happen once.


My surprise late arrival of a calla in the garden pot is still hanging on. Autumn really has a few surprises this year. I have never known such a mild Autumn as this year. The rain keeps itself to the evening and night and during the day the sun shines regularly.

Have a good day everyone – until later.

5 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Happy Birthday to Mr Swiss. My Patient Partner turned 80 in June, and it was quite an event for him at the time, though he seems to have become accustomed to it now. Our ages change yearly, but the rest of us just carries on – business as usual.

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  2. What is ‘reonahoafor hal at’?
    That calla still looks pretty good. We planted three this year, and gophers got them all. There are a few others in other landscapes.


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