Good Morning


Looks like it will be a sunny day today. At least we have a cheeful sunrise, even with a glimpse of the alps in the background.

It looks like another morning of stress today. Thursday is usually my day for changing the bed linen, but as Mr. Swiss has to be at the eye doctor tomorrow at 10.00 a.m. I am doing the necessary today, meaning I will be busy, but all going well, I will only need an hour at least, I hope. I have alreay finalised my duvet and cushion with new covers.


I seem to have developed a liking for azalea. The local store have such a wonderful selection at the moment and for a reasonable price. They have already reduced it twice, and now I have a selection of all colours. I added the white one this week. At the bottom is my kalanchoe which is still flowering. I had to find room for them. My feline no longer uses his cat ladder to get to the top of the cupboard: she is getting older and prefers to stay in safe places, so I have transformed it into a plant holder.


My pink orchid was also in the death throes and had only two wilting flowers left, so I replaced it with a new one (the deep pink one next to the white one). I still have my pink orchid and have also transferred that to my new plant holder on the top shelf. I will leave it in peace now and look if it might return to make flowers again. Orchids are another reasonable plant. I have had these for three months and they are still alive.

So what are we going to do today. After completing the bed overture, I will continue with the usual clean up and prepare something to eat – it will be spaghetti today. That is usually my Thursday thing, but due to my excursion with Mr. Swiss I will have to make something a little quicker tomorrow. This afternoon will be a shopping journey for food. I was also on my way yesterday afternoon as an exception, as we had a few necessities to buy (including toilet paper) and to be quite honest, I was glad to go places and see things, even if it was an exception and only the supermarket.


And look what I found in the garden. Another hollyhock is flowering, actually there are two new flowers. One of the wonders of nature, and so late in Autumn.

I noticed in my store yesterday that the electronics department is getting a face lift an it will be taken over by another company, although a partner company of the existing store. They also have a special offer of an external disc for my computer, with a 2 terabyte capacity. I already have one but the contact to the computer is a bit shaky and so I decided to treat myself to a new one. I spent some time yesterday transferring my thousands of photo archives onto the new hard disc, but after an hour I was finished. Mr. Swiss said he would also like one for his jazz music collection, so I will get him one today when I am at the store. It seems we are cyber golden oldies with our various computer hobbies.

And now I am off, so enjoy your day on the cyber circuit and otherwise. Perhaps we will meet again somewhere in the cyber world today.


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