Good Morning


Let’s see what we have this morning. At 8.00 I had a sky like this and thank goodness I took my photo as now we just have a colourless sky, a little grey, a little brightness for a few highlights but the clouds are staying away. My cleaning lady is now here and busy with the bathroom and shower and I have polished up my windows. They were not really dirty as we have not had so much rain lately, just a few light showers.


Dinner is already cooking, some chopped beef with veg so everything is under control, although not quite.

Our heating decided to stop heating again yesterday and now the guy has arrived to fix it. It is floor heating, fired by gas, and yesterday it said “not firing”. We also had to organise someone for our letter box as it is completely blocked and the key no longer works. We now have a label on the box telling the postman to put it all in the lower section of the box which is not locked. We call it a “Milchkasten” in German (basically a Swiss thing) and was originally used for storing the milk when the milkman brought the milk, although he no longer brings it as we buy it in the store. The locksmith will be coming on Thursday afternoon to fix it.

Mr. Swiss had his last visit to the dentist until December for a check yesterday afternoon and I was again the chauffeuse. This time I did not have a free parking place so just sat in the car after letting him out with my eye on the back window to see if a place became free. Eventually I had a free place and parked the car and hobbled over to the dentist. Mr. Swiss was ready and so we hobbled off together to the car again – what a life.


The cleaning lady has finished her work and the morning chores have been completed. I am off to the store this afternoon as an exception, so I will be taking the route to the next village. There are a few things I should buy. No. 1 son informed me that toilet paper is at a minimum, only 2 spare rolls left, and it seems that the jam jar is also almost empty, so I will have to replenish it. Just a few bit and pieces are necessary so I can load my walker into the car. I will not need the supermarket trolley.

I am not sure if I will have time for a good morning tomorrow as I have to bring Mr. Swiss to the eye doctor for an eye test to get the perscription for new glasses. For a golden oldie it seems I have enough to keep me busy. Perhaps I might right a good morning this evening and programme it for tomorrow morning.

I am now off to complete dinner. Have a good, safe day everyone.


11 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I hope you get your heat really quickly. It’s getting pretty cold here and I would hate to be without heat for any length of time. Meanwhile — OUR CONTRACTOR SHOWED UP AND IS DOING HIS THING! I can hardly believe it!

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