Good Morning


What a surprise this is. I was debating this morning whether to take a few photos of our cloudy misty sky, where it is too early to see anything interesting. As I was putting out some seeds and bread for the starving birds which are now looking a little overweight, a flash of yellow caught my eye. I was even more pleased and surprised because I have two pots of canna. One was flowering throughout the summer and the other seemed to have given up. Now this flower appeared in the pot that had no flowers during the Summer, how amazing. Actually the original colour was orange, but they seem to do what they want to as far as colours are concerned. Now in the middle of October, when it is supposed to be Autumn, I have a flower on this canna. It is really amazing.


Otherwise I at last ventured into town again. This was Saturday afternoon and there were the usual leisurely visitors having a look around. It is no longer a centre for shopping and bargain discoveries, as our shops are slowly dying. Families that had their long established shops are now in the next generation, and the next generation have no interest in continuing the business. No-one really goes shopping today, they buy it all online on the computer. I know I am also guilty.


It was wonderful weather, and our restaurant mile on the bank of the River Aare was packed full of visitors having a drink in the sun.I took a wheelie along the street and had to weave amongst the people.


One sure sign of Autumn was this patch of mushrooms I saw growing along the river bank as I wheeled my way home. They looked so fresh and new.


The pigeons were also out in the sun enjoying their last chance of having it all to themselves, before the gulls arrive and the battle for food begins. I just love my pigeons The are such wonderful colourful birds and really seem to enjoy posing for a photo. There was a small flock of them around. What really annoys me as the kids that have fun in chasing them away. The birds all fly off and I am left with a camera with no subjects to shoot.


There were also a few swans on the river, but alone or in pairs. The nesting and growing season is now over and they are all preparing for the Winter. They seem to have gathered enough fat on their bodies throughout the Summer for survival.


This pair of ducks were also on their way. I just love this time of the year, the weather being perfect at the moment, no rain and plenty of sunshine.

And now I must be moving on. As an exception I have a morning shopping safari and should get going. I have to take Mr. Swiss to the dentist this afternoon and will not have time to include shopping as well.

So have a good day, even if  it is Monday, it can still have its good side. I will be back later. In the meanwhile I leave you with some Japanese anemones  I saw growing on our estate. Even Autumn has its colourful side.


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