RDP Sunday: Splitter


It’s dying, dwindling, losing its flowers one by one. The remaining are holding on for dear life.


Three months are a long time for a bargain orchid in the store. Its white sister is still looking good, but eventually her time will also come.

I am now left with the splinters of a wonderful flower, but she might return. I will wait and hope.

RDP Sunday: Splitter

16 thoughts on “RDP Sunday: Splitter

    • This one was also on a special offer, so I bought two. It has been one of the best so far, and I am hoping that it will flower again. They are so worthwhile and last much longer than a cut flower in a vase.


        • I never thought of having a climate, but I am in Europe, in Switzerland. During the Summer I have my orchids outside on the patio in the shade, and during the rest of the year indoors in front of a window, just not in direct sunlight. If you have a good remedy for reflowering I would be glad. Up to now I have not had such success. I usually submerge them once a week for a few minute in water and otherwise they sit in their pots and seem quite happy. πŸ™‚


          • Wow, Switzerland, nice. Have not traveled that far, yet. Orchids bloom in different climates all over the world. But, the best place for an orchid to grow is in a tropical climate. Orchids dislike windows in the Winter because of drafts. Most orchids need to be kept warm or dormant. Dormant, meaning in a dark closet first covered with a black plastic bag and then a paper bag.Nothing else until it warms up in late Spring or beginning of Summer. Now potting the orchids is another way to help them survive longer. How are your orchids potted?

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          • Our orchids seem to be potted in a wooden mixture and afterwards in a plastic pot. Afterwards I put them in a stone pot, special for orchids. The window where I have the orchids during the winter months is never opened, so there is no draft.

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