One Word Sunday: Sepia


This is a special biscuit, called a Zürich Triggel. Its main component is honey and a product of the bakers in the town of Zürich. This one had been baked especially for the Arthritis group of Switzerland. They had a stand in our town yesterday. I was on my way in the wheelchair and took a closer look. There were not many people around and I got into a conversation with one of the ladies. I do not suffer from arthritis, but have MS, although one of the ladies at the stand was also in a wheelchair. We all have our problems when an unexpected illness arrives.  She told me that it was one day in the year, national arthritis day, when they bring the illness closer to the general public.

She gave me two of these biscuits commemorating the day and also an apple.

One Word Sunday: Sepia

8 thoughts on “One Word Sunday: Sepia

  1. I like the idea much better than more pamphlets who often end up unread in the trash (nothing wrong with pamphlets when given to people who really want or need the information). I hope this Guetzle tasted as good as it looks.

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    • It was quite hard, but had a nice honey taste left after eaten. There were also pamphlets, but being in a wheelchair, they were not necessary for me. And I had a lovely conversation with the lady.

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