October Photo a Day Challenge: Your Choice

The River Thames with the Docklands

A choice is difficult when you have thousands of photos to choose from. I However, I decided on a photo I took from the plane as I was approaching London on my annual visit to my father. This visit almost always took place in October. It is a view over the River Thames, to be exact the so-called docklands.

I grew up in the area and lived there the first 20 years of my life. It has been modernised and is now an area for the business men to live near the City of London, and you must be very well situated to be able to afford an apartment there.  There is nothing left of the old docks as ships no longer unload their cargoes in this area. Two of my uncles were actually dockers and I remember the old docks with the cranes and ships. Places change over the years, but it still remains part of my childhood.

October Photo a Day Challenge: Your Choice

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