RDP Wednesday: Tenebrous

Sunrise A 06.01 (1)

The days are shortening their span
Light is being stolen by the night
It is a darker world approaching
Making your own light inside
Outside is sombre
Autumn has arrived, Winter approaching
and as the sun sinks we cling to the last rays
Alway looking on the brighter side
The hour stolen earlier in the year
is replenished
An extra hour of sleep and life

RDP Wednesday: Tenebrous

5 thoughts on “RDP Wednesday: Tenebrous

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  2. You are teaching me a lot of good words which we can use when we play Scrabble … a board game where you line of the letters of the alphabet to make words. Have you ever thought of doing Haiku? It is the Japanese short form poetry … I think it is three syllables first line, 5 syllables second line, four syllables third line. YOu can do a google search and find out the details. You could become a Haiku master …. SLP ….


    • I have a second ste here belonging to my cat, Tabby. She writes a daily haiku. It is 5, 7 and 5 syllables. As Inam speaking Swiss German daily I sometimes have problems finding the right English words, although English is my mother tongue


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