FOWC with Fandango: Chill


“The window is open.”

“I know, I opened it.”

“But it is October and I am cold. Don’t you ever feel cold.”

“Not really.”

“But everyone is walking around in a pullover and you are still wearing a t-shirt. As for your feet: no socks. You only began to wear long trousers last week and have been living in shorts since March.”

“I am comfortable like that.”

“And we are all freezing.”

“But you are wearing a pullover over your shirt.”

“Of course I am, because I feel cold. You could at least shut the window there is a draught blowing through the apartment with windows open on each side.”

And so I shut the window(s). I really don’t feel cold and I am still wearing my house shoes without stockings or socks. I cannot remember the last time I wore a pullover. I prefer to wear layers and if it is really cold, then I wear a jacket. And hate wearing socks or stockings. We have central heating and our inside temperature is 20-22°C which is warm enough for me. I seem to have my own built in central heating in my body. I must admit I do always have an open window during the day in the room where I am. A draught for me is actually fresh air.

I think we Brits are a tough bunch probably.

FOWC with Fandango: Chill

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