RDP Tuesday: Slow


A flapjack, a kalanchoe species: I saw it and decided it was just the thing for me. Anything with the name kalanchoe appeals to me: the wonderful succulents that seem to be permanently producing little flowers and can almost live forever. The label in the store said kalanchoe,  on the pot the name “flapjack” is embellished,  so I was sure it would be a winner.

I had it outside during the Summer as it seems they like the sun, but not too much. Now it is spending the Winter days inside. It is known to be a slow grower. The name flapjack is probably because of the red rimmed large leaves. It is not a very thirsty plant, just some water once a week to make sure it does not dry out.

My dreams of flowers have remained dreams. Apparently one day, with good treatment and conditions, it will flower with a stalk growing over a meter tall. After this burst of energy it will collapse and die leaving its little baby plants behind that afterwards will grow if replanted.

In the meanwhile I watch it grow. The smallest leaves in the middle have grown a little, but there is no rush. I love this plant. It might not be as flowering friendly as its cousins, but it takes its time: no stress and no hurry.

RDP Tuesday: Slow

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