One Word Sunday: Delapidated

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (6)

I remember when this used to be a factory with employees, a small factory, but with machines and supplying work. One day it was closed down and left to deteriorate.

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (4)

The windows were boarded up, those that were still there. Most of the glass had been broken in the meanwhile.

Abandoned Factory Solothurn 26.07 (1)

And the small area at the back of the factory had been left to itself. It was once the outside area where the workers could take a break in the fresh air and perhaps smoke a cigarette. It is now forbidden to enter and nature is taking over.

It has been in this condition for at least 20 years but now at last the ground has been sold. The factory will be completely demolished and in the meanwhile it will become a car park for another factory in the area. Later it is planned to build a new factory. At the moment it still stands there boarded up. Yes, even Switzerland has its ruins.

Factory Ruin Volken 26.09 (2)

One Word Sunday: Dilapidated

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