FOWC with Fandango: Wistful

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 30.09 (20)

It was that time of the year again, late September and the boys said he would hear them coming on the road and he should then be ready with his bike to join them. Junior was glad that they had accepted him into their biker group and was now known as Lamchips. He had to wait a long while until he had proved himself, but the day came when he could join. He had saved up for his Harley and was now ready to go.

And suddenly he heard the roar coming nearer and the regular pounding of the tyres on the road. He was already dressed for the occasion. His scarf covering his mouth to protect from the fumes of the bike in front and the helmet to protect himself if there might be an accident, although real bikers never had accidents he always told himself. He was out and jumped on his bike. Revved it up and it was all systems go just as Iron man came around the curve, followed by Crow and Tank.

“Come on Lambchops” they called. “Join in and go for it, it’s now gas time” and Lambchops was happy to be with his friends again. He joined in the line, at the back as always. He was the freshman in the group and he had to earn a place near to the front. It was all systems go and they were off. He could hardly see the rider in front as the exhaust seemed to be very thick today. “Must be the weather” Lambchops thought and put a little speed on to keep up with the others. They really seemed to be going fast today.

As a matter of fact so fast that he felt the bike lift up in the air. “Wow” that was a feeling and suddenly he was off in dense thick cloudy mist, but could still see the others in front. “What was happening” he thought, “it is just like flying”. They were headed for a local meeting of bikers, although he was sure the way was on the local road at the side of the river. “Probably the mist rising from the river” he thought. The worst was that it seemed he was losing contact with the others as one by one they were disappearing in the mist.

He still had a feeling of floating, but then noticed that he again had firm ground beneath the wheels. Suddenly he could see a flag up front that someone was waving. “Must be the meeting place”  and so he slowed down. As he travelled further passed Crow and Tank and Iron man and the others. They were all waving a goodbye to him as he watched them again rise into the clouds and then they were gone.

He saw someone beckoning him to pull over. It was a police officer. “Oh no, now I get a ticket for speeding”, but that was not the case. There had been an accident and as he slowed down he saw the jumble of metal and the bikes that belonged to his colleagues. The man at the front overtook one of those big trucks and did not see the approaching truck on the other side of the road.  Lambchops was the only survivor and the others were now riding their route in the sky.

He was now an old man, but never forgot the good times when he had his bike and reflected often on the good old days. Since the accident he never touched a motor bike again.

FOWC with Fandango: Wistful

RDP Sunday: Corrupt


On Friday the school kids were striking
Yesterday crowds marched on the streets
Someone said the governments are corrupt
And now we have the receipts
But no-one really knows for sure
Why the snows are shrinking
Perhaps it happened once before
So let us do some thinking
Once upon a time there were dinosaurs
and then they disappeared
Poisoned themselves with their own gas
I know it sounds quite weird
The dinosaurs are still amongst us
They now have different missions
We are told it is very fake news
from the guys they call politicians
Our climate is so wonderful
In fact it ‘s quite perfect
Although the smoke and other gas
Is forcing it to wreck
So let us not forget the dinosaur
It had a very small brain
Similar to the species of today
That are throwing our world in the drain

RDP Sunday: Corrupt

September Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Books

History books

These books are history books. They are looking a little damaged, but have a journey which has lasted at least 100 years. It all began when my paternal grandfather subscribed weekly to a magazine in the olden days at the turn of the century in Britain. He collected the various instalments of the history books and when they were completed they were bound in a volume. There were two books concerning The History of India (which was then a British Crown Colony), four volumes of Battles of Britain and eight of the History of England.

They were passed onto my dad and he kept them at home. I once visited and he asked if I had the possibility to get them transferred to Switzerland for myself. At the time I was working as an export clerk for a Swiss company and so I got to work: using my knowhow in export I contacted a company in England and arranged the transport to their agents in Switzerland. They picked the books up whilst I was still in England visiting my dad so I could see to the details from the British side. They were all neatly packed in a suitcase.  I afterwards arrived home in London and a week later the books arrived and now they are in my cellar. Dad passed away almost 5 years ago and now the books are in my possession as only daughter. Perhaps one day my son will take them over.

I also have The Outline of History by H.G. Wells. Looking into internet I found in Wikipedia the following

is a work by H. G. Wells that first appeared in an illustrated version of 24 fortnightly installments beginning on 22 November 1919 and was published as a single volume in 1920.” although I have two volumes and this also thanks to grandad and his interest in history. My family were not rich, but by collecting the various instalments of these books they could afford them.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 28. Books

Good Morning


Another fresh and cool morning but with sunshine and a promise of a good day. Yesterday was similar. When I went for a wheelie in the afternoon in my chair I was debating whether to wear a jacket or not, but decided there was enough heat in the sun. After a few minutes of travel I was thinking about returning for something warmer, but proceeded regardless- There was quite a breeze blowing. As I approached the local town it suddenly got warmer and when I reached my destination (the local trade fair) I had no thoughts of wearing a jacket.


Again I ventured into the crowds, although found nothing really interesting. I had been there and seen it already twice this year. The fair has existed since just over 40 years, known as HESO but it has now become just routine. A I wheeled around between the various stands I suddenly got a bag pushed into my hands with various samples from products and one guy tried to awake my interest in a new window cleaning device. I decided I can still clean windows myself, have it all under control. My next investment will be improving my 20 year old doors in the shower which really need replacing and rebuilding as they do not close so well.


My journey homewards was more interesting. There was a musician on one of the bridges, even with a microphone and he was quite good. Of course he had the usual open guitar case for a money collection, but most of the spectators, including myself, were standing opposite (me in my wheelchair) and listening.


I met the usual pigeon collection as I travelled further. This little guy seemed to be interested in my camera.

I eventually reached home and got the evening meal ready. I do not like to cook so long on Saturday evening as I am usually away during the afternoon and do not have so much time, so it was pasta with the usual tomato or cream sauce. Mr. Swiss was not feeling so good in the evening and retired early leaving me alone with my computer and TV. I had laundry in between, but no problem and eventually I was left to the British TV programme “Strictly come Dancing” which is not really my thing, but it was entertainment.  I think I am becoming a TV addict again.

Since I now spend more time in the evening on my own  as Mr. Swiss retires earlier, I have the many hundreds of TV channels all over Europe at my disposal. Mr. Swiss loved to watch the political discussions mostly on the local Swiss TV. I have now reverted to the British programmes and even the British political discussions. I have been 50 years away from British events and am now returning to my roots.


And now on this Sunday morning I will leave you. I am still searching for Autumn colours, but have still not found very much, although I spotted these berries on the way home from yesterdays excursion. I think they are from a wild rose.

Have a good Sunday and enjoy whatever you do. I might again be on my way this afternoon for an hour, but this time in the local country. Today they have the Harley Davison event at the local fair and the streets in town are full of heavy motor cycles and their riders: mostly elderly gentlemen with beards and helmets, dressed in their leather gear. I decided I have enough photos of their attack on the town from previous years and will not be going.

Harley Davidson HESO Tag 20.09.2018