FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage


Today I paid probably my last visit this year to the local trade fair. I discovered that the ambulance rescue from the local hospital were also present. There was a young nurse attending to the stand and of course I got into conversation with her. This was mainly because I had at least three visits from them over the past year. If I fall I cannot rise again under my own power and Mr. Swiss, now approaching his eightieth year, no longer can help me. Once I broke a leg and another time I landed in some broken glass from the door to the microwave which crashed down with me.

It was an interesting conversation with the nurse. She also told me that they also often ask the police to help out if they are busy. I told her that I knew this fact, yes, two policemen once arrived to rescue me. Then it was a little embarrassing as my bath seat had collapsed and I could no longer get out of the bath. It was just in the nick of time that I put on my nightdress before anyone arrived. Generally I do not take a shower or bath fully clothed. It was only after they had rescued me from my predicament that I noticed they were dressed differently to the usual ambulance helpers and they then informed me that they were from the police. If the ambulance people arrive, I usually get a bill to pay of about 100 Swiss Francs afterwards, although the sickness insurance usually takes care of it. The police cost nothing. I think in future I will just call the police, it is cheaper and those guys really look good in their uniforms.

When I left the stand the young lady presented me with a packet of plasters, a pen from the local hospital and and packet of paper handkerchiefs.

I then moved on and discovered that there is now an automatic window cleaner and you can even steer it by remote control. The guy at the stand asked me if I knew it and showed me how it worked.  He probably had sympathy with me as I was in my wheelchair at the exhibition. I told him I would prefer to have someone that would call past and spend a few hours once a week doing it all for me: much more interesting than a machine. Unfortunately the machine only cleans the glass panes and you still have to do the frames yourself. I have the leaflet showing that the system would cost about 700 Swiss francs. I am thinking about it. As it is a fairly new invention I prefer to wait to see its further developments.

I then wheeled past a printer’s stand where he gave me a nice cloth bag filled with heavy objects. When I got home I realised there were 6 large sized note pads and another 6 smaller versions. I then decided to leave before I was given more donations of kindness.


FOWC with Fandango: Umbrage

RDP Saturday: Languour


After some of our local pigs have been running to save their bacon at the local trade fair,  they can at last take a rest. Here you see the Bio Runner, No. 16. He was an exhausted little piggy when he finished the race, along with his many colleagues.


And today with his colleagues in swinehood he could relax. The last race had been run, he had now reached the goal and his running days are over until next year. Even bets were accepted for the race. Unfortunately I cannot say exactly which one of these pigs is the Bio Runner as all have already said goodbye to their numbered jackets and are doing what swines do when not racing. They are languishing in the mud and straw of their homes. Some now have a medal proclaiming “winner” nailed to the entrance of their pens and are dreaming of their success.

RDP Saturday: Languour

September Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Autumn colours


Unfortunately not very much autumn colour here at the moment. Autumn is taking its time to appear.

Feldbrunnen to Langendorf 17.10 (10)

The road to our local large store is now looking something like this. I used to take photos from the car when Mr. Swiss was still driving, but now that I am the only driver I am no longer to take my hands off the steering wheel for some photos. However, this is how the road looks every year at Autumn.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 27. Autumn colours

Good Morning


Daily I take a photo around 7.45 in the morning. Perhaps a little late for a real sunrise. The sun has already risen but illuminates the sky perfectly, if there is a sun. Now and again it gets hidden by the rain clouds.

Another Saturday and week-end of my life, so make the most of it I suppose. Yesterday was yet another week-end shopping tour, but due to circumstances I was an hour later – with everything. Sometimes days do not work out as you planned. However I eventually got the shopping done and returned home to cook the evening meal, also an hour later. One disadvantage of the late shopping was that I got caught in the Friday traffic. Eveyone seems to leave their workplace and hour earlier and driving through the main town I met quite a bit of traffic congestion. However as soon as I turned onto the road to the village where the mall is, it cleared. I was surprised that not everyone was heading for a week-end shopping tour, but it was probably mostly the male population glad to escape from work and head on home. Those days seem now to be so far away for me.


My newly acquired azalea plant is really doing well at home. It seems all they need is water to stay in flower. This morning I noticed that four new buds had opened.


All I have to show is my potted plants at the moment as the garden is slowly coming to a close and Autumn is moving in. However, when you have an orchid you almost always have flowers.


I got my three 2-3 months ago and they still have their flowers. They are really a worth while purchase, need only water once a week and last for a long while.


All they seem to need is a good place and love I suppose.

At last my cat Tabby seems to have found the pleasure in eating again. At the beginning of the year the vet made various tests because she had lost some weight and it seems, like most older cats, she had kidney problems. Since then she gets an expensive medicine daily that I can sprinkle over her food. There would have been tablets, but Tabby seems to think that tablets are not edible. She has been getting special food for kidney problems, but has really only been licking the juice. Since last week she is emptying her bowl every day. she mainly seems to eat during the night, but I am glad. I noticed she had lost a little of her fat but even that now seems to be improving. She is 17 years old and now an elderly lady.  She was sleeping quite a lot, but even that seems to be improving  and goes for walks now and again outside.

Taking a quick look at the clock it is now 9.00 a.m. and so I should be moving on. I am thinking about visiting our local fair this afternoon to see if there is anything new. My No.1 son goes daily in the afternoon and keeps me informed on what is going on.

Posters Baselstrasse 12.09.2019

It seems to be voting time in the world at the moment. The states have decided to impeach their man at the top who for me does not qualify with the name as president. The Brits are going through a confused time with Boris Johnson, but we Swiss continue as usual with our direct democracy. It is time again for voting for our Members of parliament. We do not have general elections as the others. We seem to have permanent general elections and it is that time of the year again when the post box is full of advertising for your favourite politicians and parties. The voting papers have arrived and we have all received the lists. This time there are so many lists it has been put in a book form, so that you can tear out the list you want. If the list of names is not what you want, you can naturally also compose your own list.  This whole thing is confusing. Mr. Swiss seems to know what he wants and I am still swimming. He finds I should take more interest, but where do you start when you have about 50 photos of smiling politicians and groups of people all offering the perfect ideas. I really tried to examine the possibilities yesterday but eventually gave up. Some look good in their suits and ties and others not so appealing, but it is apparently the internal values that count.

At least we do not have a president problem. Every year around Christmas we get a new president chosen from our seven ministers. They all take it in turn and it is certainly not party political. We live in a direct democracy meaning we vote for this and that every time someone collects enough signatures to put it to the vote.

So enough of Swiss politics which I am sure interest no-one except for the Swiss. I will be glad when the voting is over and I can throw all the material away and have room again for a new plant on my dining room table.


In the meanwhile enjoy the day and see you later.