FOWC with Fandango: Vapid

Metro train

She hated taking the last train in the evening, but there was no choice. The party dragged on into the late hours of the evening. Everyone else lived near, but Joan lived in the next town and it seemed that no-one was travelling in her direction. She was alone on the platform when the train arrived. It was also a very dismal train, the lights were flickering on and off as she boarded and it looked quite shabby inside with faded upholstery on the seats. Even the outside looked as if it could do with a wash. There were traces of grime everywhere and the paint was peeling off here and there.

She was thinking about calling it off and taking a hotel room for the night, but then she heard the whistle of the train guard and jumped into a carriage before she had time to change her mind.

There was no need to search for an empty seat, all the seats were empty, although she suddenly saw that someone was also in the corner of the carriage. She really did not notice him when she took her place, otherwise she would have moved to another carriage. Not wanting to appear impolite she remained where she was.

The train moved on and was soon in a tunnel. “Funny” she thought “I don’t remember there being a tunnel on this route”. It was mainly open fields. She heard a noise. The lights were still flickering on and off and in the light in between she noticed that the other passenger had changed his seat, moving a little nearer. It was then that she had a closer look. His complexion was so pale. Absolutely no colour at all, except for his eyes. They looked a little bloodshot and so Joan came to the conclusion that it was probably someone who had a night on the town and had one too many to drink.

Suddenly they drew out of the tunnel and immediately her travel colleague moved again, a little further down the carriage. Joan was glad as she was beginning to be just a little worried. And then came the second tunnel, and the game began again, but now this strange white faced person was in the next row of seats looking Joan direct in the eye and his lips had curved just slightly as if he was going to smile.

This was enough and Joan left her seat and carriage and moved to the next carriage and what did she see? The vapid face of the mysterious red eyed guy already sitting in a seat. How was this possible she thought, I have just left him behind. He must have flown through the air. It was the next tunnel that bothered her because she now realised that he would be moving nearer again. So many tunnels on this line she had never experienced and they were getting longer. She also noticed that the flickering lights were no longer flickering so much and remaining in a dim light.

The next tunnel: her colleague with the pale face was now sitting opposite. And now he smiled showing a row of quite sharp teeth.

That night Joan did not arrive home. They found her body on the railway tracks the next morning. It was not a pretty sight. It was thought that the train door was not locked correctly. There had been a few problems with doors on the carriages not locking well on this line. It also seemed that another train had run over Joan whilst she was laying on the tracks. She had lost a lot of blood and could only be recognised by the witch costume she was wearing. Oh, and I forgot to say it was 31st October, the night of halloween and Joan had been celebrating with her colleagues.

FOWC with Fandango: Vapid

RDP Thursday: Fungus

Mushrooms 12.06 (2)

Fungus on the feet is not very nice
You cannot paint your toenails, that would be too contrice
When they are in the meadow where they should be
Ensure they are not magical in a different category
You might begin to sing and even start to dance
Yes, fungus makes the difference if you go into a trance
You will see flying saucers filled with blue pink men
It means you are on a trip, might not return again
Stay with the athlete’s foot, the fungus can be cured
Swipe it with an ointment, no spaceships will be lured

RDP Thursday: Fungus

Good Morning


Nothing special this morning, there are clouds, but not so clear, just a grey mass causing it to rain, and making everything wet.

I already had a small drama this morning. It is really getting colder outside and too cold for having my orchids and a couple of other plants outside, so I had to find somewhere indoors. All of them on the kitchen table does not come into the question as we eat our meals there and I do not have the room for more than one or two. I have a small glass table in the living room but Mr. Swiss tends to close the blind in the afternoon in front of the table as he says the sunlight bothers him (is he perhaps secretly a vampire?). So I had to search further as my orchids like to have some natural light.


How’s this? It was the best I could do and I am hoping that they will live happily through the Winter days in this place. At least they have a window seat. I have a couple of other flowering plants, but they will be happy on the dining table, which we only really use if we get guests. Mr. Swiss was not very happy about this solution, but with a few small changes (putting the tables next to each other instead of in front of each other) we arrived at an agreement. As my cyclamen is now in retirement for a couple of months, I have put it out of the way on the piano.


To add to my problems I saw that the store had a special offer of azalea yesterday and decided to treat myself to one. This is now on the kitchen table on its own, and not bothering anyone.

Mr. Swiss discovered this morning that he has no eye drops which he must apply twice  day after his operation, so I will be off on an extra tour this afternoon to pick them up at the eye doctors. We told them to send them by post, but apparently that is not done. I hope it stops raining this afternoon, although I have nothing really planned for today.

I now have the new update on my iPhone which arrived yesterday online. I just do not get these continuous so-called “improvements”. I was quite happy as it was, but now I have a few more gimmicks which I really do not need. First of all I had to arrange my programme for my injections, as it had all been pulled apart. On the second try it was working again.  I have received all sorts of hints and advice of what I can do to improve everything with shortcuts to make it all much quicker. I really do not need that, it is quick enough. One positive point is that they have added to the possibilities of improving your photos which is really much better and I no longer have to play with them in my various apps.


My surprise addition of three flowering roses in the garden still exists, although they are quite wet roses today.

And now to move on with a little bit of housework and a little bit of cooking. Yesterday my rösti  was perfect (fried potato cake), but after 50 years of being a Swiss housewife I suppose it should be.


So have a good day everyone, and may you stay dry if it is raining.