RDP Tuesday: Error


Has our garden made an error, or was this hollyhock meant to appear at the end of September. I notice it a couple of days ago, took a closer look with the camera, and yes it is full in flower. We have temperatures outside of about 16° C at the moment, but it is surviving.


Our indoor temperature  is only 20.7 °C and Mr. Swiss is convinced that the heating is not functioning properly. It is quite cool indoors, but I will survive. My body makes mistakes by registering the temperature. Whilst I am still moving around at home in shorts and a t-shirt, the others are shivering.

Otherwise to error is human and to forgive is divine said my mum and she was always right, at least she always thought so.

RDP Tuesday: Error

8 thoughts on “RDP Tuesday: Error

  1. Excellent uptake. And yes, your body is wrong. The time of shorts os over for this year…. 🙂 even in France, a ´leichtes Jaecklein’ has been unearthed from the wardrobe….

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