FOWC with Fandango: Debut

First mobile phone

I remember my first mobile phone, even have a photo. I am sure it was a hand me down from Mr. Swiss. My first digital camera was a hand me down from Mr. Swiss. Both were the start of a new online life for me.

It is funny how things develop. I am now the proud possessor of one of the newest developments of mobile phones, thinking about getting a new one because of the improved camera, and he still has an older model.

As far as cameras are concerned, the digital camera was my opening to the world of photography. I even gave Mr. Swiss my Canon digital camera when I got my Nikon with all the various lens and improvements. He returned the Canon  to me, saying he no longer takes any photos with cameras.

The first computer we had, we even shared. I had to wait for him until it was free and then I eventually got myself a Commodore 128, followed by an Amiga, but I discovered I was then sharing that one with my No. 2 son.  This was all about 40 years ago. Since then we do our own thing with our own computers. I can even do web sites, although that was some time ago. Mr. Swiss is still the Excel expert, although I did the accounts for our local village first aid organisation for 6 years in Excel. I have now forgotten most of it, and my computer work is now mainly blogging.

We are naturally both online with finance and for a golden oldie couple, have moved with the times.

FOWC with Fandango: Debut

6 thoughts on “FOWC with Fandango: Debut

  1. Ah the good old days. There was a similar genesis in our home. When the whole family fought over one computer, and the internet was reached by dial-up. Remember AOL? I remember not understanding I was paying by the minute and got a bill for over $200!

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  2. I remember the first cell phone I bought. It was a HUGE one and it was a gift for Garry who really needed one. It weighed like five pounds and probably could have called Mars from Earth. As for cameras, I’ve always had one. Before digital. Manual. VERY manual. Not even an electronic light meter. I didn’t have one for a while in Israel, but I got a new one when I got home to the U.S. But I don’t remember many of them. I remember the first, but all the middle ones have gone sort of missing.

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    • Instill have all my cell phones as well,as all of my cameras. I always had my camera with me, but since being the only driver I can no longer use it in the car, so have to make do with my mobile phone camera


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