FOWC with Fandango: Cash


“Mummy, what’s cash?”

“Where did you hear that word Sarah?”

“In the history lesson at school.”

“I think it was something made of paper and there was a bit of metal involved as well. Ask your grandfather, he might even remember it.”

“Grandad what’s cash.”

“Oh, that was something in the olden days. If you had cash in your pocket it used to jingle when you walked, at least the metal bits did. I was a kid when it disappeared.”

“Why did it disappear?”

“Can’t really remember, but think it had something to do with the plastic.”

“But plastic is what we need to buy things.”

“We used to use cash, some called it money, but the plastic took over. We had too much plastic, it was swimming in the ocean and the animals were even eating it which was not so good, so we turned it into money.  Today we pay for everything on the computer.”

“What’s an ocean grandad?”

“It was a lot of water between the countries where the fish lived and even some animals that could swim.”

“What’s fish grandad and animals?”

“We used to eat them dear, but that was before the days of taking your vitamin tablets during the day for your food.”

“Must have been a funny world when you was small. Why did it change?”

“These things just happen, same reason why it doesn’t rain any more I suppose.”

“Grandad what’s rain?”

“That’s enough Sarah, always questions. Stop bothering your grandad. Things are as they are, and have been since……”

“Don’t start with that one, it will only confuse her.”

“I suppose it will dad, but if it hadn’t happened things would be as they used to be.”

“Remember, we were instructed not to talk about it to the kids. One day it will be forgotten.”

FOWC with Fandango: Cash

RDP Monday: Subtle


I think, no I am sure, that my cyclamen is trying to tell me something. I noticed a change since a couple of days. The leaves are no longer as green as they were, definitely fading to yellow. Cyclamen do not have Autumn, they just fade and dye. It spent a month in my company and has now decided that its time has come.  The flowers have shrivelled and letting their heads hang. I think the time has come to bid adieu to this plant. It has been giving me a subtle hint, but I will not give up.

I will not bother it with adding water, but just leave it to shrivel. I will put it in a nice quiet place and not bother it. I am sure it will return again.

RDP Monday: Subtle

Good Morning


Another Monday morning of my life. Mondays used to be the day when the working week began again after a relaxed week-end and now every day is relaxed although there is no border. Each day has its own features, life must go on with its various chores, the difference being that I no longer get a monthly wage for doing them. Of course there is the state pension and private pension scheme, but no extra bonus. And the government must decide if it wants to include a cost of living increase. The latest news from the Swiss government I read yesterday is that they are thinking about increasing the retirement age – again.

They did it for me and five years before the official age of 62 it was increased to 65: the result for me being that I was forced into pension at the age of 62 in any case, something like putting a horse out to pasture, if it was lucky enough. I must admit my company was very fair and I was still getting a wage for the following two years. I had been working there for 30 years. Work had changed, many responsibilities had been removed because there was a new system. My work was no longer so interesting, and I felt like a robot. Even my boss left on the same day as I did, although his reasons were different to mine. His job had also changed. And now I am a lady of leisure, although too old to enjoy the leisure due to the aches and pains of age.


So what did we do yesterday on Sunday afternoon. I took another trip to the local fair, but this time stayed out of the halls and roamed the outside spaces. The crowds were more. There seem to be plenty to eat accoding to this exhibit. The weather was still hanging on with sun and warmth.


There was plenty opportunity to enjoy the social side of the event with various restaurants and bars.

I noticed the clouds were building up and in the evening Mr.Swiss told me according to his weather app on his telephone it was raining. It was about 9.00 in the evening and I had a look outside and indeed the paving stones at the edge of the porch were darker than the rest due to the rain. It continued throughout the night, but this morning we are just left with a few hanging rain clouds and it is dry.


They were plenty of amusements for the kids at the fair, but I think this was my last visit. I am getting tired in my older years and decided it was nothing really new.


Today I will be avoiding the high life (for me) and concentrate on a little bit of cleaning and a shopping tour this afternoon. I noticed one of the trees opposite my garden has now at last got its fading leaves, so Autumn in now just around the corner and fitting in with my life. The difference being that the Autumn of my life is progressing constantly.


Somehow this lonely balloon floating on the river, probably a remnant of the fair was symbolic.

And now to some action whilst there is still some left in my body.  I can hear the church bells ringing in the distance, so there must be some action somewhere. Let’s look on the brighter side of life and make the most of the day.


Even the thistles have made their seeds to be carried away by the wind for future growth next year.