RDP Sunday: Horses


I like to see horses, but riding is not my thing. Within a few minutes from where I live we have horses on both sides of the road and it is one of my first stops to take a photo if they are out in the meadow.


On the other side of the road there are stables and I would even have the opportunity to learn to ride. Some years ago I was in Interlaken for a few days with Mr. Swiss on an excursion organised by his company.  There were varioius activites to partake in and one choice was at the local stables withe the basics of learning to ride. Silly me decided to go for it. We arrived at the stables and the learning sessions began.

My first problem was actually mounting the horse and sitting on its back. I cannot remember exactly but I believe someone gave me a push and with one foot in the stirrup I managed to sit on the horse. It was then I realised that a horse is warm and breathes, it was alive. Luckily the lady at the stable lead the horse with me on the back and we did a few rounds together in the stables.  I did not fell really comfortable. I was not sure about the horse, but I decided that horse riding was not for someone that might have a touch of vertigo.

The next obstacle was the descent from the horses back. I remember the cowboy films where they just seem to jump down to the ground, but I discovered that the ground was at quite a distance from the horses back. The next instruction I got was when descending was that I must be careful not to disturb the horse with a kick and movement in the wrong place. That did it for me. I had visions of having to organise a crane to get me down. I think it took two people to release me from the horses back. It was a new experience and I never regretted it, but I decided that horse riding was not a new career.

Horse 23.03 (1)

I was also not so keen in coming into contact with the horse feet with their hooves. It really must be easy when I think of the past generations where everyone was riding a horse.

Horse 29.05 (2)

Those girls that look after the horses make it look so easy.

I am surrounded by horses, but have decided they are not for me, with one exception of course.

Rocking Horse 14.10.2018

RDP Sunday: Horses

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