Good Morning


A cloudy one this morning, but not so very cold and it can only get better. I hugged the bed a little longer this morning, after all it is Sunday although days no longer have such names for the golden oldies. They are called shopping days, me days and doctor days, and every day a cooking day.


Yesterday I visited our local trade fair, but was thoroughly disappointed. The halls looked almost the same as last year, although many regular visitors were no longer there. Our local radio station, Radio 32, had now been shifted to a small kiosk similar installation outside with no known local personalities: just a few guys distributing leflets to enter their daily competition. For the past 10 years they had a small studio in the exhibition hall and there were various karioke competitions. This has now been replaced by something called Jumbo TV which I had never heard of, and is something new and local. There were just a few girls sitting aound but I am not sure for what.

Where they always had demonstrations from gymnastic clubs (kick boxing etc.) it had bee replaced by a few pin ball tables. The rest was just companies with their various products.  For a Saturday afternoon it also seemed to be a lot less people than usual.

However something remained and this time at least with a TV screen.


The pigs were racing again. I never had a good view of the race as it was down in the old moat and not accessible for my wheelchair. This year there was a screen to show the races for those at the top. The photographic quality is naturally not so good, but at least you see the pigs in action.


They even have obstacles to clear on their way. It is not really important who won, but the actual action. Who would have thought that a pig had such talents.

I drifted around for a while and eventually decided there was nothing so interesting. Our local town of Solothurn has been hard hit by the online shoppers. I must admit I have also become one. If I need anything special, eg. electronics, bed linen, even clothes, I delve into internet and find what I need. Our local shops that remain, do not have such a choice and our one and only department store has now had a total renovation with their departments, probably hoping for more custom.  There was an article in our local newspaper about shop dying, which reminds me that even the newspaper no longer had its stand at the exhibition. It is a small town, the core now mainly having restaurants and hairdresser saloons. You want to buy something, go to the computer.

The companies at the exhibition were also those that just have a few buying centres in other places than our town, otherwise do it online. One of the regulars at the exhibition were our police department and they did not have much to offer either. Last year I enjoyed my visits to the show, this year I will probably not be there so much, although this afternoon I might pay another visit, but mainly outside to see what is going on. Even the various bars seemed to be a bit sleepy with some chairs and stools and the few restaurants were almost empty. Perhaps in the evening it will attract more, but it is only open until abou 9.00 p.m.


I returned home and had more excitement. I was the noise of the hot air being pumped into the balloon that awoke my interest. That must be a hot air balloon I thought, so grabbed my camera and went outside to see this low flyer above our estate, I even heard the people talking in the basket hanging below. The photos are a little blurry unfortunately, but I really had no time to adjust anything and was glad to get a few shots. It was a rare sight, and I think this might have been on its was as a bit of publicity to the local exhibition.


And now to move on like our local train to get down to some real housework, although no rush.

See you around later, enjoy the day.

7 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I can imagine that the trade show must have been a little disappointing. I’ve noticed the same thing here, that events I usually enjoy attending seem to have fewer stands and fewer patrons. It is the same with shopping and like you, I buy a lot online. It is Catch 22. I buy things online because I can’t get them locally or don’t have enough choice at goods or prices but as more people go online to shop the shops have even less to offer. I find it rather sad. I used to enjoy “window shopping” and in many cases, I would rather see and touch things before I buy them. Some items don’t look as good “In real life” as they do in photographs and colours may vary too. I once bought a rug advertised as aubergine and when it arrived it was purple.
    I’ve never seen a hot air balloon up close, that would be a great thing to photograph. I’ve always had a desire to fly in one although I would probably be frightened to do it. It’s too expensive for me though.

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    • With my MS problems, I have become a little comfortable with my shopping. I generally go to the supermarket for groceries with a good parking place for the handicapped and I know what and where to find what I want. Wandering around shops is no longer something I like to do. I was very lucky to find the maker of the trousers I like to buy on line. There used to be a shop here that sold them, but they had to close down. The owner was retired and his family did not want to continue. My wadrobe is now mainly trousers with a longer blouse or t-shirt which is not difficult to find on-line. It is also very well organised for sending goods back you do not want to keep with the right labels and packing.
      Switzerland is a bit of a hot air balloon country, especially in the alpine regions. I often see one at a distance, but this one was almost in the back garden. They also make a very distinct noise and that is what I recognised.

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