RDP Saturday: Autumn


I took this photo about and hour and a half ago as I was wheeling home in my chair along the river, so the question of the day is “Can anyone see Autumn”. I think I seee a few brown grass blades on the plant next to the river, but everything seems to be nicely green, not even a floating brown leaf to be seen.


But wait a minute, what do I see? Yes, there are berries, red berries, looking quite fresh, now that must be a sign of Autumn, although the leaves are still there firmly hanging on to the tree.


That looks better, much more seasonal, although I suspect that perhaps someone was engaged to spread the brown leaves from a bag to make it look genuine and convince everyone that our seasons are where they should be, just to keep us all happy.

In the meanwhile yesterday, a group of young people smuggled a banner into the public gallery of our Swiss parliament. They were quite sly and cut it into pieces and distributed it in their various rucksacks. When they arrived they pieced it together and hung it from the balcony saying “It’s the final countdown” pertaining to our climate problems of course. I say bravo and perhaps a bravo for the members of the Swiss parliament that applauded their idea and also the fact that they had no further consequences from the action. They were told it was against the law and they should leave, which they did with any further commotion.

Perhaps our Autumn has just not yet arrived, too early, but I will continue my search to see who has stolen it. In the meanwhile…..


it is making a try.

RDP Saturday: Autumn

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