Good Morning


There are some mornings when inspiration is not there. Nothing new or interesting to tell and this seems to be one. Not even the sky obliged with a sunrise, because the sun was already there when I arose. A wonderful blue sky, but we are existing under blue skies at the moment, and no clouds to see. Why complain with such wonderful weather in Autumn? Perhaps a little bit of rain would be a good idea. Even my apple tree is not being very helpful.


I met my neighbour yesterday who has the garden next to mine. She mentioned that I do not have so many apples this year, and she is right. Last year was a record year for the tree, fruit generally. I had so many apples it was only in March that I had processed them all for apple tarts. This year I can count the apples on my fingers.


And so the growing season gradually goes to its end, the sedum now just showing the green leaves which will also probably disappear within a month.

We now have the week-end ahead of us and I am glad when I do not have to do any shopping. Our local trade fair opened its doors yesterday and No. 1 son had a look around already. I will be off this afternoon to see what it has to offer. It will be a little more than a week until it shuts its doors again. Last year I often made visits, but this year it will not be so many. The first interruption is already approaching next Tuesday morning with a doctor visit, which is usually one of my “me” days. Otherwise I have the shopping tours during the week and no time for fun.


Yesterday the British State Pension sent me a form to complete. It is the usual annual life certificate – how depressing. They want to be sure that the money they send monthly (more symbolic than something to exist with) is not being delivered to a dead person  and so I have to complete the form in the presence of a qualified witness, meaning a professional person like a doctor, or lawyer, or someone that gets paid for their  qualifications. They also have to see an identification of me to prove that it is me and still living and breathing. At the same time I also got a SMS telephone message from the same group to assure me that when the GB leave the EU on 31st October, I will still receive my monthly British pension. As said the amount would be perhaps enough to pay for a day’s  shopping, almost. At least they know that I am still here.

Even as a golden oldie, life must still have its organisation. Since the beginning of the year I have been collecting various documents for the next Swiss tax form, as it is now in my hands. Sometimes all I want to do is blog and read, but there are always such unnecessary interruptions to life.

And now to move on to my daily life to keep me awake. A little bit of cleaning and cooking and perhaps I discover a few other items to keep me alive to be able to complete my life certificate. No. 1 son is off yet again to a concert this evening, so another romantic candle light supper with Mr. Swiss alone without candles. I am not sure about the romance, looking into each others eyes does not work as well as it did 50 years ago, although Mr. Swiss now has new eyes after his operation.

So to move on and conquer life (I even had a certificate to prove it when completed). Have fun, enjoy the week-end. I will be back.


6 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. Good day. Yes, I am still very behind schedule.
    Your certification process made me laugh. I needed to attend a seminar yesterday that was ‘Sexual Harassment Training’. As you can imagine, it was about how to ‘avoid’ bad situations. However, the title implies that we needed training to know how to do it properly.

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