Good Morning


My iPhone told this morning that it is 5° outside and it feels like it as well. Although we are having a wonderful sun rise, it is a cold sunrise: although my telephone also told me that during the day temperatures will rise to 20° C which sounds better. I even did a short shopping trip yesterday afternoon with just my t-shirt as it was warm enough.

I did not have a lot to get in the store, it was just an interim shopping tour for a few bits and pieces, but I was glad to get out a bit. Shopping was comfortable as I only needed my walker which I took with me in the car boot. It fits nicely. I now have the routine how to fold it and lift it into the car.


I do not have such an opportunity to capture photos when in the car. I now and then reflect back to the good old days when Mr. Swiss would be at the wheel and I would sit next to him snapping a few photos on the way. I do not even take my Nikon camera with me now when I go out in the car, just have my phone camera for anything that might catch my eye.

Talking of phones, I visited the store section  to enquire about the price for me of the new iPhone Pro and had a little shock. It would be 1,450 Swiss francs with my telephone provider Swiss Com and that is just a little over my budget. I am mainly interested in the wide angle camera, but for that price I could buy a wide angle lens for my Nikon camera and would still have a better quality with the close-ups. I am still thinking about it.

Yesterday evening I got my bed linen in the washing machine and this morning will have the delight of ironing it all, when I have enough time, otherwise this evening. I also made my week-end shopping list which has become quite a thought process. I search for something new and exciting to prepare, but always arrive at the same meals. Saturday evening No. 1 son will not be here for the meal, there is yet another concert in town with one of his favourite bands so I have a free choice, which will probably be my toast Hawaii where I put a slice of ham, pineapple ring and slice of cheese on toast bread and bake it in the oven. No. 1 son does not eat cheese so I always use the opportunity when he is not here. It is also one of our favourites and does not need a lot of cooking.

Toast Hawaii always reminds me of a Swiss guy that was accused of  killing his wife  and afterwards putting the body in the freezer in the cellar where they found her. Surprisingly he claimed “not guilty” and was supported in his plea by a well known swiss writer. He was not found guilty based on certain eveidence and is still a free man, even got married again. I was and am still not so convinced. He even gave an interview on the TV. On the autopsy of the wife they discovered that her last meal was toast hawaii.


I leave you on a happier note with my rudbeckia laciniata flowers in the garden. They have now developed to full height and bearing many flowers. Something I have had for at least ten years and one of the last flowers of the year.

Have fun. Only one more day and it will be week-end again for those that have a week-end without work. I am off on the housewife adventures of the day.

10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I had not heard of Toast Hawaii before but I certainly won’t forget it after hearing your murder story. It does sound quite tasty although we may be opening up the whole issue of what foods you should put pineapple on again.

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  2. I read yesterday that if you don’t need the new phone maybe wait until next year because there is going to be another upgrade next year which will be more significant and that everyone is really going to want to get. I don’t know all the details but they actually mentioned that the only reason to upgrade this year was the telephoto lense which you mentioned in your post. I think it was in the Wall Street Journal that I read this. Just a thought. SLP

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  3. Is it me? Or has this been a really long month? Usually, I complain they are too short, but this one has gone on forever. Everything has happened this month. As soon as I get one problem solved, another one pops up out of the blue.

    That is a LOT of money for a phone. I’d go with the lens for the Nikon. It won’t need to be replaced in six months. You can pass it down to your grandchildren and it will probably be worth more than you paid for it, which is not something you can say about your telephone.

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    • I am thinking on the same lines. They are bringing out new phones constantly, but basically the phone stays the same. It. Is the gimmicks they are constantly adding.
      I seem to have had a busy month looking after the others. Our trade fair started yesterday and I didn’t even realize it


  4. WHAT?! That is way more about toast Hawaii than I needed to know. I didn’t even know what toast Hawaii is until you explained it last year. A German intern who stayed with me years ago liked toast California, which was sliced bread battered in egg and fried (like what we know as French toast), but instead of maple syrup, it got canned peaches on top. I am a native of California, but had never heard of it.

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