FOWC with Fandango: Gregarious

Cemetery 23.07 (3)

It was as if the heavens had known that today someone would be carried to his grave, who had walked a crooked way since he was a boy. It was an overcast day; grey clouds, no not grey but almost black. There was a rumble of thunder in the distance and the few mourners attending were glad that they had their raincoats for protection. Mugsy Schwarz was standing solemnly at the graveside, his coat collar pulled up covering the lower half of his face, the black fedora hat with its wide black satin band covering the top half, as if he did not really want to be recognised. He did not, but had his reasons. All the other spectators, and they were just spectators, were one time prison colleagues of the deceased. Jackie Simple had died at the hands of the state, and the mourners were standing at a new grave in the prison cemetery. Mugsy was not showing any emotion, he very rarely did, but he would miss Jackie. He was the born mug and it had been nice to have him around, but Jackie had now served his purpose and was laid to rest amongst others that he may have even known in his worldly life.

Perhaps Mugsy was reflecting on the events of the past year. It all began when he heard that Twitchy George was telling stories about Mugsy, Describing crimes that Mugsy had committed. Of course Mugsy had brought a few people “around the corner”, but if you happen to be having a quiet drink with your pals you do not start talking about things like that, especially when the police get to hear of it. You show your sociable side. Luckily Mugsy had a few of the officers on his pay roll and one of them paid a visit and told Mugsy of the lies that Twitchy George had been spreading about Mugsy behind his back.

Mugsy called his gang together and said that something would have to be done. Twitchy George must be silenced forever, but in a nice quiet friendly way that no-one would believe that Mugsy and his boys were involved. It was then that there was a knock at the door of Mugsy’s office. One of his men opened the door and it was Jackie Simple.

“Hello Mr. Schwarz” he said, “I was told to bring this parcel to Mugsy.”

“Not now, Jackie” answered Mugsy’s right-hand man, “the boss is thinking and we have a meeting.”

“Who’s that?” asked Mugsy.

“It’s me, boss, Jackie Simple. Got a parcel and was told to deliver it personally.”

“Who gave it to you?”

“Twitchy George, said you was waiting for it.”

Yes he was waiting for a parcel of drugs from Twitchy. Sometimes Twitchy did have his use. It was then that Mugsy’s brain cells began to work. He was quite clever sometimes, but his brain resembled a one-way street, always thinking on the same track.

“Let him come in boys, I want to have a few friendly words with Jackie. Tell me Jackie, business going well at the moment?”

“Not really Mr. Schwarz, if you have a job for me, I would be only too pleased to oblige.”

“That’s a good boy Jackie, matter of fact I do have something in the pipeline. I hear you are a one of Twitchy’s colleagues. A little bird tells me that he has been talking about me being naughty. Know anything?”

“Who me, Mr. Schwarz? Not really, although after Twitchy has had a few beers, he does start to talk a bit more than he should.”

“You know what Jackie. I think it might be an idea if you invited Twitchy to a few drinks down at the local pub. You know the one. Just along the river near the docks. I will probably join you as well, just to be sociable. I am sure that Twitchy has been misunderstood, and we could iron our problems out together over a drink. Only of course if you have nothing else to do. It is your choice Jackie.”

Jackie was quite honoured. Mr. Schwarz, would be sitting at the same table as Jackie, inviting him to take part in an important discussion with Twitchy George.

“No Problem, Mr. Schwartz. I was going to have a poker evening with a few mates, but I can put that off.”

“OK, Jackie, I would say this evening around nine, and make sure that you are there with Twitchy. By the way Jackie, as you are so obliging I have a little present for you. Here.”

And Jackie could not believe his eyes. Mugsy Schwarz handed him a gun.

“You are giving me a gun Mr. Schwarz. That is very nice of you, but I just couldn’t accept such a gift.”

“Think it over Jackie, I always reward my boys with something, don’t I boys?”

The gang that were listening, all nodded in unison saying “Yes boss”.

“On second thoughts Jackie, put the gun on the table. I will bring it along with me this evening, after you have completed the job.”

“Of course Mr. Schwarz” and Jackie left, feeling so happy. His life had been one big disappointment up to now. He never knew his father, his mother spent more time looking after her whisky bottles than caring for Jackie, and Jackie was just left to himself. He was a very good thief. One of the few jobs you could do without being able to read or write. Jackie did not like school, so avoided it when he could. It was a homely feeling he had around gangsters like Mugsy Schwarz and his colleagues. He could always pick up a reward somewhere and if he did not, then he was a very good pick pocket.

The evening soon arrived and Jackie had carried out his orders and was sitting at a table in the pub feeling quite pleased with himself. Jackie did not need a lot to be pleased. Suddenly the door opened and Mugsy Schwartz walked in with two of his gang. Jackie noticed the nice white cotton gloves he was wearing. There was a flash of metal and a bright light. Bang, bang, two shots were fired and Twitchy George was head down on the table, blood pouring from his bullet wounds. Mugsy then threw the gun at Jackie, whose automatic reaction was to catch it and Mugsy disappeared the way he entered followed by his gang members. The action was so fast, that no-one really saw what happened, except of course for Jackie, but who would believe Jackie Simple, as simple as his name.

Jackie was arrested and put to trial. All the witnesses called swore that Jackie had shot Twitchy George. The proof was plain to see by the finger prints on the gun. Although Jackie said he was not guilty and it was Mugsy Schwartz, no-one believed him, or could believe him. There were so many people that confirmed that Mugsy was nowhere near the docks on that evening. He was participating in a charity dinner for orphans. Yes, if Mugsy Schwartz had a heart, it might have been good, but it wasn’t.

Unfortunately Jackie’s arguments of how he had been framed with the fingerprints on the gun were not credible. At that time the death penalty was still given for such crimes. Mugsy decided the least he could do was to attend the burial, and there he stood at the side of the grave. On prison gravestones there was only the name of the guilty person, their birth and date of death. On the way home from the cemetery Mugsy thought to himself a good inscription on the stone would have been “Too bad he chose that time and place”.

FOWC with Fandango: Gregarious

RDP Friday: Switch


Today Mr. Swiss and I went shopping together
He needed to go somewhere and it was very good weather
We split in the store while I bought the food
He was in the restaurant, drinking cafe was his mood
And then he went shopping to see what to buy
Whilst I was handling fruit and veg and meat for supply
After an hour, or was it almost two
He called me by phone to see if I was through
And so we met, I had three bags of supplies
He had a small plastic bag, he found his choice was wise
Just look at the photo, this was his selection
His choice was chocolate, mostly in the same direction
There was kirsch and Williams with a liquid taste
The whims of a man are always more displaced
But now he is happy, his supplies are now complete
I prefer to shop alone, his choice is not my treat

RDP Friday: Switch

September Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Fall


I assume the word “fall” refers to what I know as the Autumn season, and not an accident, of which I am quite professional. In this case I will not bother you of the gory photos of my broken leg x-rays or even a slit ear which has luckily healed up in the meanwhile. I would add that my ear now has quite an individual shape.

So here is a photo of the Autumn arrangement in the local supermarket with a few autumn bits and pieces. For the falling leaves and other colours, we will have to wait as we are still experiencing wonderful sunny days in my part of the world, although quite cool and the leaves are still attached to the trees and preserving their green colour.

And here are some Calluna which are also available at the moment in the Autumn show.


September Photo a Day Challenge: 19. Fall

Good Morning


My iPhone told this morning that it is 5° outside and it feels like it as well. Although we are having a wonderful sun rise, it is a cold sunrise: although my telephone also told me that during the day temperatures will rise to 20° C which sounds better. I even did a short shopping trip yesterday afternoon with just my t-shirt as it was warm enough.

I did not have a lot to get in the store, it was just an interim shopping tour for a few bits and pieces, but I was glad to get out a bit. Shopping was comfortable as I only needed my walker which I took with me in the car boot. It fits nicely. I now have the routine how to fold it and lift it into the car.


I do not have such an opportunity to capture photos when in the car. I now and then reflect back to the good old days when Mr. Swiss would be at the wheel and I would sit next to him snapping a few photos on the way. I do not even take my Nikon camera with me now when I go out in the car, just have my phone camera for anything that might catch my eye.

Talking of phones, I visited the store section  to enquire about the price for me of the new iPhone Pro and had a little shock. It would be 1,450 Swiss francs with my telephone provider Swiss Com and that is just a little over my budget. I am mainly interested in the wide angle camera, but for that price I could buy a wide angle lens for my Nikon camera and would still have a better quality with the close-ups. I am still thinking about it.

Yesterday evening I got my bed linen in the washing machine and this morning will have the delight of ironing it all, when I have enough time, otherwise this evening. I also made my week-end shopping list which has become quite a thought process. I search for something new and exciting to prepare, but always arrive at the same meals. Saturday evening No. 1 son will not be here for the meal, there is yet another concert in town with one of his favourite bands so I have a free choice, which will probably be my toast Hawaii where I put a slice of ham, pineapple ring and slice of cheese on toast bread and bake it in the oven. No. 1 son does not eat cheese so I always use the opportunity when he is not here. It is also one of our favourites and does not need a lot of cooking.

Toast Hawaii always reminds me of a Swiss guy that was accused of  killing his wife  and afterwards putting the body in the freezer in the cellar where they found her. Surprisingly he claimed “not guilty” and was supported in his plea by a well known swiss writer. He was not found guilty based on certain eveidence and is still a free man, even got married again. I was and am still not so convinced. He even gave an interview on the TV. On the autopsy of the wife they discovered that her last meal was toast hawaii.


I leave you on a happier note with my rudbeckia laciniata flowers in the garden. They have now developed to full height and bearing many flowers. Something I have had for at least ten years and one of the last flowers of the year.

Have fun. Only one more day and it will be week-end again for those that have a week-end without work. I am off on the housewife adventures of the day.