RDP Thursday: Fissure


My raised beds, are full of gaps. I discovered that they are not empty, but occupied by various anachrophobic inhabitants. At first I did not see the spider hovering in the top right corner. I am still not sure, but believe she is even carrying an egg sack. On the left at the bottom is yet another one of the species. I am sure that my raised bed walls have now been taken over by the spiders. Perhaps they are planning an attack.


They are already weaving their webs across my windows. It seem the bigger the fissure the better.

RDP Thursday: Fissure

6 thoughts on “RDP Thursday: Fissure

  1. Spiders are our friends. Just keep telling yourself that πŸ˜‰ I’ve never seen so many spiders this year, inside and outside. The clouds of insects outside would be so much worse without them.

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