Good Morning


I think our spell of summer weather in September is now drawing to a close. The sky is still looking friendly enough, a little more cloud, but blue in between, but there is a colder wind blowing, at least most would find it cold, I just find it nice and fresh.


I went for a wheelie yesterday afternoon, but just around our village. I saw some horses grazing on the field as I wheeled along the path next to the local railway tracks,


And I even saw some cows making the most of the last days of good weather. During the summer I rarely see them as in the warmer weather the farmers only let them out in the evening to graze through the cooler nights, the bovine night shift. Otherwise I just wheeled around to see what I could find, and that was not very much.

I though I might see some local chickens on the way, but there were none to be seen. It is probably that time of the year when the chickens  go to the happy hunting grounds to be exchanged for the younger generation that are more productive in their egg laying capacities. I find it rather sad, but that’s the life for a chicken.

Otherwise I was busy doing a little office work yesterday. I have now become an employer. I had forms to complete in connection with my employment of a cleaning lady. In Switzerland everything has to be organised. It is all to do with state pension money or sickness benefits. I sent off the form a couple of weeks ago, and as custom is with such state organisations, I got a reply thanking me for doing my duty accompanied with yet another form to complete with my banking details. I am getting back to business life it seems. I also got a new plastic card for my post office account as  the old one was wearing out through usage. At least we golden oldies do not get bored and always have something to occupy ourselves with.


I thought I might at least get a view of our alps on my wheelie up to the castle, but they were mainly in the clouds and I only got a misty view of the highlands before the actual mountains. A least a bird did me the favour of catching him in flight.

It is a very pleasant time of the year to taking walks/wheelies. You notice how nature is adapting to the next season. The insects seem to be retreating and searching for a winter quarter, often my home, although I have everything under control. It is a bit early in September for the bird feeder, but I am thinking about it.

Today I will be off to the store to refill the food supplies. which reminds me that I still have to complete my list of things to buy. Thursday is by tradition for us spaghetti day, although I do not know why, but at least I know what to get. Which brings me to Friday lunch. Oh the planning problems I have and then when I go shopping on Friday I have the week-end shopping again. At least I do not have any doctor excursions in the next days to fit in. I saw they have yet another special offer on orchids in the store, and I am tempted.


I wheeled past the local Castle Waldegg yesterday and noticed they have a wonderful display of Autumn blossoms in the garden.

And now enough said, I should be off to tend to my apartment and me. I hope your day will go well, if not it can only get better. See you around on the wires, have fun.


10 thoughts on “Good Morning

  1. I was just hoping to get both estimates on the house — and that was when “Check Engine” light came on in the car. I know it will get fixed. We still have a warranty. But it was one thing over the top. I’m getting pretty tired. Bet you are exhausted too. I think we need a long Riviera vacation.

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    • That would be a worst situation scene for me. I would be isolated with the car, especially as Marcel doesn’t drive any more. I too am a bit on the exhausted side of life. I even have to fit in an extra shopping trip today because I forget a few things and it is bed linen change day.


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