FOWC with Fandango: Duplicate

The Finished Garden

“Looks like the new neighbours are moving in.”

My other half was inquisitive, so he was positioned at the window with the binoculars.

“Give me the binoculars, I want to see what they have. They look a bit strange, like something from that E.T. film, sort of stick people. One is the chief I think, he is giving the instructions. There is some sort of thing hovering in the air. No, wait a minute. That must be the furniture van. Now and again an armchair falls into the window of the empty apartment. Funny it looks exactly like our De Sede armchair, you know the exclusive leather chairs we have.”

“Are you sure? And look our dining room table, genuine teak, has appeared. But wait that painting, looks genuine. It is our Picasso.”

“Looks more genuine that ours. Do you think Mafia?”

“No, they seem to be harmless and Mafia speak Italian. The big stick guy seems to be giving instructions.”

“Glungo, choob, kogga wunna Klingon noH QapmeH wo’ Qaw’lu’chugh yay chavbe’lu’, ‘ej wo’ choqmeH may’ DoHlu’chugh lujbe’lu’

“Seem to be foreigners, didn’t understand a word, but it’s OK, it wasn’t Italian.”

“Do you think we can trust them. Wait a minute, look, those beds look exactly like ours. And they even have the same vaccum cleaner.”

“Must be from the Far East, the Chinese copy everything we have, although our vacuum cleaner is British, a Dyson. I think they have seen us, the guy with the wheels instead of feet is approaching us with the E.T. lookalike boss. I suppose we should be friendly. Good morning.”

The guy with the wheels turned to the E.T. lookalike.

“Earthling wogga Quapmeh chung boggle.” And he suddenly produced a sort of pointy thing in his hand.”

“Nei, nei, chumble chogga, Picasso weee” said the E.T. man. They turned and left to continue with their moving efforts.

“What do you think, can we trust them? I though he was going to shoot me with that gun thing he had in his hand.”

“Just ignore them. You cannot judge people by their appearances, they might look different to us, but they have a good taste in furniture.”

“Look one of them is looking through the window at our Tabby cat.”

“Chungle plonka  weee meow” and he pointed his gun thing at Tabby. There was a flash, Tabby was startled, but she survived. Now he was walking to their new apartment and pointed the gun through the window. There was a popping sound and there was our Tabby, at least a duplicate Tabby, sitting in their living room.

“Where are you going?”

“I have seen enough, I am not sure about those new neighbours. They might have a good taste in furniture, but what is going to happen when they point that thing at me or you, just to make their new place homely. I am not sure whether I want to live next to your duplicate, one of you is enough.”

Typical man, and I was thinking of inviting the new neighbours to Sunday dinner, just to make them feel at home.

“What did you say – No! We might be on the menu.”

FOWC with Fandango: Duplicate

RDP Tuesday: Missing


This is the walking stick belonging to Mr. Swiss. With age certain things must be adjusted and Mr. Swiss needed a stick. He is no longer so certain on his pins (cockney word for legs). I already had one due to my MS problems, but he was also a member now of the club. He decided on something plain and simple and this was the result. Walking sticks are very long objects, and so you wonder how could a walking stick go missing.

“Have you seen my stick” is now the latest Mr. Swiss war cry.

“Where did you have it last?” is my answer.

“I must have taken it to the bathroom” is the answer. The bathroom is a small room and so I cast a glance and do not find it. I begin to search in the other rooms and find it next to the printer for the computer.  He usually parks it next to the bed at night, although it can often be that it is forgotten in that place that we visit during the night.

Yesterday was the superlative, the crowning glory. He suddenly realised that the stick was missing and was almost certain that he probably left it in the garden when giving  the plants water. It was already getting dark, so I illuminated the way with my iPhone lamp, which is very strong, but there was no stick anywhere. Perhaps I mistook it for a tree branch. No, this was not the case. I decided to search in the apartment, again no success.

We were getting despaerate. Was their a stick thief amongst us? You are lost without your stick of course, although I also have one, and have never lost it, at least not daily: just now and again. About an hour later I heard the joyful call of “Eureka” in Swiss German of course. Where was the stick? It was leaning on the arm of his TV chair where he stays during the evening. The chair is black leather and the stick is black, so it had camouflaged itself.

Of course if you buy a normal neutral black stick you will never find it when it goes missing, but he probably did not want to be too conspicuous with the newly discovered stick. If only he had one with a silver skull on the handle, it would have reflected in the light at least.

Now if he has organised a stick something like mine, he would never lose it.


And mine even as the name marked at the top. This stick never goes missing.

RDP Tuesday: Missing

September Photo a Day Challenge: 16. Looking Up


I was looking up a couple of weeks ago and saw these people looking down from the tower of our St. Urs cathedral in the town of Solothurn. I have been up there once in my life, climbing the hundred or more steps, but that was before I became a golden oldie.

September Photo a Day Challenge: 16. Looking Up

Good Morning


Let’s get started at last. Have been busy doing this and that, and Tuesday is cleaning lady day, so everything is a little later. However, I did managed to get this photo with my iPhone camera this morning of the moon. I was quite surprised to see how big it seemed and it was nicely reflecting the light from the sun.

I have an iPhone X and now there is a new one, the No. 11 (I suppose XI). Apparently the camera has been improved on with wide angle photos and it is tempting. Admittedly these telephones are not cheap (although this one is a little less that the last one I got), but a wide angle lens for a camera is an expensive toy, and I would probably not used it as much as I should. The phone has everything incorporated, coupled with the fact that it is also a phone with all the tricks for a mobile phone today, so perhaps I might be a victim for a new one. Mr. Swiss still has his iPhone 8 and if I get the new one he could have my X: the problems of a cyber golden oldie.


I was not so much out and about for photos this morning, but took this one of my late flowering rose yesterday afternoon. I was so surprised that it decided to make a few new blooms.


Over the week-end I went for a wheelie into town and captured this photo. Two sparrows and a pigeon. The sparrows seems to be ignoring the pigeon and the pigeon is still working out whether to eat them or just keep an eye on them.

Today is a day of not doing anything particular. I had enough stress yesterday bringing  and fetching Mr. Swiss from the dentist, the advantage being that I was finished earlier in the afternoon with my shopping which I did whilst he was at the dentist, and had more time, although I had a shorter midday snooze after lunch as the appointment was already for 2.00 pm. The next appointment is in two weeks and then it will hopefully be finished.


I decided to cook something completely different for lunch today. It is the so-called hunting season in Autumn in our part of Europe and there are various dishes which are not available otherwise during the year. There was a special offer on deer at the store so I decided why not. It is already half cooked in the traditional way, although I added a few things to it, such as red wine and some fresh veg. They also had freshly prepared chestnuts at the store so I got a packet and that is also stewing in the mixture. I just wanted to do something different. Mr. Swiss is not even so keen on it, but I must say it does smell good in the kitchen.

And that’s that for this morning. I am not sure what the day will hold for me, I might even venture a journey this afternoon. Have fun, enjoy the day and see you later.