RDP Monday: Jumble


it was a jumbled afternoon. Mr. Swiss had to go to the dentist and I was the chauffeur. No problem, you might think, but our dentist happens to find himself in this narrow alley. I dropped Mr. Swiss off near by and moved on to the supermarket for some shopping. We arranged that he would call me when he was finished and I would pick him up.

No problem? No, not really, but it meant driving back in a different direction and my driving talents then get a little strained because I am approaching the target from a different direction. More by luck then judgement, I found the right road to take. After I picked him up, on the way home, he said in the car that the next time I could drive him to the front door of the dentist  and also pick him up there, it would be easier for him.

That may well be the case but turning into this street with the car is not my idea of easy driving. I told him that it would be fine if another car does not decide to cross my path in the opposite direction He found that there is plenty of room to cross and you can always drive up onto the pavement to make room.

I know that I was not driving for a year and got a little out of practice, but this sort of conjuring trick is not in my line of driving. Our town was actually built in the days of chariots and horses and not for motorised vehicles. I have to make the journey again in October for the next appointment, twice in the same day. I am hoping he has forgotten about the new suggestion by then.

RDP Monday: Jumble

9 thoughts on “RDP Monday: Jumble

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  2. Hello Pat. Years ago we had a 40 foot RV and I had a huge dually heavy duty diesel truck with a four door cab to pull it. Needless to say once we got to small towns it was a challenge to get around. One time in St. Augustine an old southern US town after dropping the RV off at the campground, we found ourselves on a road so narrow that I had to keep going up on the swale and side walk between trees to let oncoming drivers pass. I was not so worried, I had driven semi tractor trailers and the truck was high enough to easily go over the crubs, but my passengers were not so calm and reassured. Needless to say I was thankful for the patience of the on coming traffic as well as those behind us. Despite the narrow roads it was a great trip.

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