RDP Monday: Jumble


it was a jumbled afternoon. Mr. Swiss had to go to the dentist and I was the chauffeur. No problem, you might think, but our dentist happens to find himself in this narrow alley. I dropped Mr. Swiss off near by and moved on to the supermarket for some shopping. We arranged that he would call me when he was finished and I would pick him up.

No problem? No, not really, but it meant driving back in a different direction and my driving talents then get a little strained because I am approaching the target from a different direction. More by luck then judgement, I found the right road to take. After I picked him up, on the way home, he said in the car that the next time I could drive him to the front door of the dentist  and also pick him up there, it would be easier for him.

That may well be the case but turning into this street with the car is not my idea of easy driving. I told him that it would be fine if another car does not decide to cross my path in the opposite direction He found that there is plenty of room to cross and you can always drive up onto the pavement to make room.

I know that I was not driving for a year and got a little out of practice, but this sort of conjuring trick is not in my line of driving. Our town was actually built in the days of chariots and horses and not for motorised vehicles. I have to make the journey again in October for the next appointment, twice in the same day. I am hoping he has forgotten about the new suggestion by then.

RDP Monday: Jumble

Good Morning


I am not sure how this morning will progress so I am taking things as they come. On Saturday morning Mr. Swiss lost a tooth – no big deal really,, no pain, but mainly inconvenience. These things always happen at the week-end when no-one is available to help. It is now Monday morning so he will be calling to dentist for an appointment and I am not sure if and when I have to play chauffeur to get him there. At the moment I am carrying on as usual. I am sure the dentist is not waiting for Mr. Swiss so I might have time. I am not keen on morning emergencies as I like my routine at the computer and having breakfast. I also have to shower and get ready.  At the moment Mr. Swiss went back to hugging the bed and I am doing what I always do. Looks like another sunny day today, although the weather gurus say there is a cold front coming.


I discovered a brave carnation in my garden this morning, although it looks like it had to fight its way to be seen. Perhaps there might be a few more appearing.

It was a lovely visit by No. 2 son with his family yesterday, although I discovered 2 year olds can be quite exhausting. He is now making first steps at communication with his own language, his dad’s German dialect and naturally his mum’s vocabulary.  It is quite amusing to see how he sorts it all out. I never thought my offsprings would be speaking a different language to mine, but after 50 years in a polyglot country like Switzerland you are ready for everything.

Things going as normal today, I will be off shopping this afternoon, although I must go shopping come what may. I will just have to fit it in somewhere. Sometimes I just long for a life where there are no musts, just wants.  I always have to check at the beginning of the week whether Mr. Swiss or I have a doctor’s appointment. Getting old is not always fun. Even we have our stress situations.


I noticed this swan family on the river at the week-end and I am sure they are the swans I saw nesting on the river bank with their eggs. The cygnets would now be at the stage with their still brown feathers and there were 5 eggs in the nest.

Brooding swan with eggs 15.06 (3)

Perhaps only three chicks made it. I love see the swan families, they are always so perfectly organised.

And now I must organise my life. Mr. Swiss is still hugging the bed and I have time to do what I want to.


My garden is looking good with the rudbeckia, sedum and reeds which decided to make their home there.

Take care, have a good week beginning, and hope to be around later, whatever the day brings.